Dec 26, 2012


Past couple of weeks,I felt that my jaw is in an absolute pain.It keeps getting worst day by day.I can feel something that is terribly annoying in the right side,lower jaw,at the back of my tooth.It's hurt like hell.I can't even chew my meals properly.

This is so unusual to me,since I really think I got a set of strong teeth structure.I'm 20 now,the last time I went to see dentist is like,15 years ago! I don't want it happened again. It's really creepy there! Sometimes,I don't think I can endure this type of pain,it's not that painful,it's annoying! I Tweeted about it,and I got some reply saying...

"Hi wisdom tooth!"

Then,I go straight to the toilet.In front of mirror,I opened my mouth,then...

Cehhh,x-ray bagai,jadah aku...It is there! Do you know what is Wisdom Tooth or Gigi Bongsu? Just click the link if you want to know more about it,I'm too lazy to tell it all. Literally,it is something related to maturity among teenagers.Once your wisdom tooth appeared,that's mean you're no longer a kid.I just read that the pain we feel from the presence of Wisdom Tooth is absolutely normal. 

Am I the last person to know this?

Dec 16, 2012


I just got back home from the book exhibition called Big Bad Wolf in Mines International Exhibition Convention Center.Everyone is talking about how many books they bought and how cheap the books are.

The last time I went to a book exhibition is three years ago in PWTC. But I'm sure it wasn't as huge as this one,which is so huge! There are 3 MILLION books and the price is fucking insane! Most of them are RM8, RM10 and RM12!

75% -95% discount on all books!

I saw the new Mitch Albom's book Have A Little Faith is RM49.90 in Kinokuniya,KLCC but I bought it for only RM10 in Big Bad Wolf.Same goes to other books,perhaps all.Can you see how much money can you save there? Therefore,to see people carrying bags and boxes stuffed with books is a normal view.

This is like the best place for people who love to read. I've never been to any book fair that is bigger than this.

This boy is boring.He's not into books,so you can tell how boring he is by looking at his face hahahaha.

At the time,I only managed to grab only four books.Well,I have my target which is Mitch Albom books. I don't pick up a book,read one or two page and but it instantly.I'm still crawling to be that hardcore!

What are you waiting for? The exhibition will end on this 23rd December.Sigh.I still have time,I'm going to grab more next time.

Nov 24, 2012


You want a pair of thick eyelashes and eyebrows? 

One night,I imagined what if I own thick eyelashes,damn I must look like Zayn Malik of One Direction,hahaha kidding.I wonder is there any way to make it possible? Fortunately,Google said yes.Do you recognize this shit?
I might be the last person to know that Vaseline can do that! What Vaseline? That RM4.90 petroleum jelly.It can makes your eyelashes thicker,longer and healthier.Applied a small amount of it to your eyelashes every night before sleep.I don't even know about it,damn there's a million videos applying Vaseline to eyelashes on YouTube.Based on the video comments,most people came out with positive outcomes!

Me? I tried it once.Fuck it,such an annoying process.I'm suck at taking care of my look.Too lazy to do anything about it.I do love my present 'eyes',so far!

create a gif

Do I look cute enough for you? 

Sep 22, 2012


Do you?

Well my favorite one is Pokemon Fire Red.It is my first game when I bought my Nintendo DS four years ago.Anyone here still play Pokemon Fire Red? Me! I am still playing it until these days! I don't know why I'm so addicted to it,I really feel like I was a Pokemon Trainer whenever I played Pokemon Fire Red! That is why I played it again,for 20th times,or more,you guess.

What is your favorite Pokemon?

When it comes to starter Pokemon,I always and will always choose Bulbasaur! I just love that weird green frog! To me,select a Leaf Pokemon as the starter is a must.They might not the strongest but they are totally 'not boring' like Fire-type and Water-type.Not forget to mention,when Bulbasaur evolves to Venusaur,the Pokemon world is getting more exciting!

How you gotta say no for a Pidgey? Pidgey is very important,since it is the only Bird Pokemon available since the beginning,you might want to use Fly.Pidgey will evolve to Pidgeotto and then,will be Pidgeot! Again,who doesn't love Pidgeot?

The next one is Gyarados.The next Pokemon that I will catch is Magikarp.Who the hell in the world think that useless Magikarp will evolve to the mighty Gyarados? However,to make a zero be a hero is a very difficult task.It worth it somehow.

Who hates Eevee? Go kill yourself now.Basically,no one catches Eevee,since it only can be obtained by. I always bought a Thunder Stone and applied it to Eevee.Then,it will evolve to Jolteon!Trust me,Jolteon is the coolest Electric Pokemon in Fire Red.

Don''t forget about Growlithe! A cute little tiger.You seriously need at least one Fire Pokemon if your starter Pokemon is not Charmander,and Growlithe got that swag elements! It will get more swagger when it evolves to Arcanine!

Dratini oh Dratini! My favorite Water Pokemon! Why? Who the hell needs Charizard if Dratini can evolve to the dazzling Dragonite?

That's all.The same cycle of Pokemon,over and over again.Never getting bored of it.Do I still play Pokemon,yes I am! Hmm,what about you?

Aug 6, 2012


Do you like unicorn? If yes,can you please tell me why? As for me,I don't know.However,I really hope unicorns are really exist in our world.Sigh,it is a clear myth! I heard unicorns can puke rainbow,is that true? Unicorn is getting so popular these days with the publicity of mainstream artists and fashion industry.Whatever I'd still prefer Pegasus,well at least,they can fly.

I dreamed about unicorn past few days.I woke up,and tried as hard as I could to remember every inch of the appearance and features.Unfortunately,I only remembered the head.So,this is it.

Do you like it?

Jul 31, 2012


Dear friend,

How have you been? I hope everything is fine.I saw you,quite several times.You're looking great.I heard you've got a girl and you've came in second in acoustic show.Wow,life does treat you well! We never talked a word since you left.The best part is when we acted like we don't know each other.

Forgetting someone like you is one of the hardest part of my life.You used to be the bestest friend I ever had.We shared everything.We went through so many things.We did so many things together as well.Remember when we're singing All Time Low songs? We're singing Boys Like Girls too,in the toilet.Dancing to K-Pop songs? Fighting like tigers? Smoking moments? Telling each other about our future? Playing Pokemon Fire Red?

Good life really passed by.Now,I have no one else to do all those things.I don't mind if you're forgetting all that.I don't mind of you're making fun of me when you're reading this.In fact,I don't mind if you don't remember me at all.Oh wait,there's no way you don't remember me at all.You wore my shirt every Monday,you kept my shoes as well.You can keep that.Take it all.I'm writing this because I'm tired of keep this to myself.I just want to let it out and let it go.

It has been long time and I still wonder what went wrong.I am a human,not a robot.I make mistakes,so do you.It's funny how we were able to live with each other for years,but now we can barely look at each other's faces.I hate how it ends,but somehow,I don't want to start all over again.Therefore,let's keep the phrase stranger with memories for our relationship.

Nevermind,I guess time will heal everything.In the end,I know it's for the better.But I guess,I was just too afraid to let go of my childhood dreams that we would be best friend forever.Pushing you away is easier than I thought,because I know you wouldn't care.I wish all the best for you.Goodbye.

You were the one I thought,would not let me down....What shocked me is when I needed you the most,you were the first to walk away.I was there in your life when no one else was.

Jul 3, 2012


My final semester subjects were boring,enough said.Unlike past semesters,I really miss those subjects that required creative and critical thinking,designing websites,digital resource center,magazines,HTML,Macromedia,Adobe Photoshop and all that.

Whenever I felt boring in the class,I just can't stop myself from sketching and drawing whatever came across my mind.I was on my own world.I let my soul fly,far far away.I was dead for a while.When my soul was coming back to my body,my hands immediately express the journey in a piece of paper. 
Don't interrupt me,because if you do,you really make me angry.Sounds way too dramatic,huh?

The title is The Mother Bear.It is a drawing of a mother grizzly bear protects her cubs from hungry wolves in Yellowstone,Alaska.I made this for Mother's Day.

This is The King of Muar,adapted from the myths of giant snake in Muar,Johor.It has been said that when the snake comes out,the whole land will be flooded.

I just made The Hair this morning.It is about a girl who frequently changed her hairstyles because of nonsense dissatisfaction and insecurities.

I just love sketching and drawing.It is part of my life now.Please,don't judge my works.I know they're look horrible to some of you.

Jun 22, 2012


It's not a nightmare.It's a really beautiful dream have I ever had.A really inspiring and motivating one.So unusual for me.You know,I have been dreaming about this three times already in these couple of months.

I dreamed about I'm leaving for Umrah.

Ya Allah.What does that means anyway? After having the dream,I don't know,I just wanted to go Umrah so so so bad.I better start collecting money from now on! I'm afraid that I won't make it in time.That feelings always overwhelmed my mind lately.

How many of you have went there before? If you don't mind,please share the experiences with me here.

Jun 10, 2012


Do you like doughnuts? Sorry to say but who doesn't anyway,must have really bad taste buds.I mean like,how could you resist something so mouth-watering?

Dunkin Donut.
It used to be famous long time ago,right? I just think people got no options,since everyone knew it was a top-leading doughnut shop a decade ago.Let's just admit that Dunkin Donut really sucks.I wonder if the dough have a concrete mixture inside,because it's so chewy and tough.It's like you're chewing a bubblegum! It doesn't look fresh,hey it's not fresh and the flavors are so common as well.I mean like,blueberry and strawberry jam? Come on!Seriously,it tastes more like a bread than a doughnut.

Big Apple
I used to think all doughnuts suck,after I've had Dunkin.However,Big Apple really made me change my perception.The dough is tastier and softer.The toppings are really good.The fillings are from variety of flavors.It's fresh from the oven,because I once got a friend who worked there,she told me they will threw all the left doughnuts when they're closing the store and baked the new ones the next morning.

J.Co Donut
Probably the most successful Indonesian company I should say.People just love J.Co,right? No big differences,just same with Big Apple,only with more fans,or should I say stronger fanbase? Hahaha.No heart feelings,but J.Co usually pretty generous with the toppings and fillings,a little too sweet for me.

I vote for Big Apple! Ehem,I support Malaysian product.What about you? Laaaa...I forgot to letak Krispy Kreme!

Jun 7, 2012


I saw you in the morning when I was up to the class.It was Monday.You looked so pretty in Baju Kurung,with your smiling eyes,your charming smile and your wavy hair.Suddenly,wind blew straight to my face,and I believed that was one of falling in love symptom.That was the most beautiful morning have I ever had.Guess again,it's Monday! I was so lucky.

At the night,we were walking together.I was figuring out what on the Earth should I say to make up a perfect proposal line? Tired of thinking.Inhaled some fresh air.Suck it up.Then,I was whispering to your ears...

"Do you want to be my girlfriend? Kalau YA,angguk kepala...Kalau TAK,tolong menari"

Then,you answered YES.After that night,my life changed drastically.You know,this is my longest relationship with a girl since I was a loser in love before! Enough is enough.I'm about to make people vomiting by my love story,right?

So,today we went to Ikea and The Curve,Damansara.No gifts.No cakes.No celebration.We kept it cool,instead.We did nothing,just enjoyed our moments together.Firstly,we went to have our lunch at Ikea.

Here she is.Muka lapar tak boleh sorok..

Yeah,so common.I've ordered this tiny little 'bakso'.Carnivore mood was on!

And what is this.I forgot the name already.Chicken Breast with bla bla and bla bla.

After that,we took a walk around The Curve and have a drink here in Garden.I was a first-timer here.I must say the place was spectacular,suitable for lovebirds like us.*Muntah

He used to be a cracked egg.

But she made him a golden one!

One day,if I really becoming an author.I should name my first novel - The Tales of Playful Wind and Beautiful Rainbow.Make sure you go buy one,hihihi.

Hihihi.Sorry for only several pictures of us.I do think I should keep the rest for myself.(Ehem ehem..bajet artis pulak) Overall,I've had a blast.We've had a blast.Oh my Rainbow,I will give you something once we reach UiTM next week! Can't wait! Happy 365 Days!

Hey people,you know what's the best feeling? It is when you finally found something worth fighting for.

Jun 4, 2012


When BlackBerry once hit the market,I immediately bought a new BlackBerry 8520.I have been a very huge fan of BlackBerry smartphone,I even consider it as the unbeatable human invention.However,that doesn't even last for five months since I found BlackBerry is soooooo boring and soooooooo fragile.You've got what I mean,didn't you?

Not long after that,Android phones conquered the market.I immediately bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S.I was so happy that I just bought an iPhone killer! I updated frequently and downloaded everything from Android Market.Hmmm,not long after that,I really wanted to see myself using Samsung Galaxy S2,Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7,HTC One X,Motorola Droid RAZR and even a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900!

Unfortunately,I don't know what's got into my body these past few months.I have lost interests towards social networks or Internet life since I have deleted my Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and Foursquare.I don't see any relevance of I'm using any smartphones without all that stuffs.In short,I don't need a smartphone! I don't mind if I get that 'disconnected feeling' or people going to look at me like 'super-outdated kid'.

Yesterday,my father just bought this phone for me.I was like....Damn,I was dying to see myself using this phone before,but right now,I don't feel anything.So,I asked him to give the phone to my mother.

Kenapa dengan aku ni? Entahlah.Walaupun macam pelik,sebenarnya aku sangat bahagia sekarang.Kalau dulu,semua benda aku nak.Tapi sekarang,aku hanya mampu berkata "Lantak lah"...

Help me! Do you guys know what kind of disease I'm suffering from?

May 14, 2012


Last week,my Twitter timeline full with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai since it was on TV2.It also appeared in Malaysian trending as well.It shows how big the impact of old Bollywood movies,not that old actually,I mean the new ones are suck big time!

Tell me,what is your favorite Hindi movie? I'm sure a lot of you will answer Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.Yeah,it is undeniable that those movies are awesome,have fun characters,terrific story-line and great songs as well.In short,who doesn't watch those movies,am I right? We all watched it!

But if you ask me,my answer would be a little bit different.Oh,my favorite Hindi movie,for me is..

Chori Chori Chupke Chupke
Remember? This movie is really something.Yes,it is.It is more than just a cliche love triangle story.I'm not going to tell you about the story because I assume all of you have watched it already,or you can click here.

Yeah,the trio were superb - Salman Khan,Rani Mukherjee and Priety Zinta.You know,I'm not a big fan of Rahul-Anjali because to me,they're a little bit overrated.Boring.

Madhu is the saddest character have I ever knew,seriously.A prostitute from an ugly society.A woman who never gets the love back from the man she loved.A mother who doesn't actually have a child.A human who lost everything.

"Overall,this is my favorite Hindi movie.I don't know,it is a little bit different to be compared to common Bollywood films.Oh,I forget one thing.That one song called Chori Chori Chupke Chupke is the greatest Hindi song of all time!" - A guy who used to be a big fan of Bollywood

May 5, 2012


Once you've reached 20,your world will turn a little bit different.Well,all I can say is it's time to be serious with your life.You've got to set up your life-long mission starting from now,am I right?

One thing that I think is the popular issues among 20s kids is MARRIAGE.We all can see,from Facebook statuses and Tweets that people really want to get married in this stage.I don't know if they're just playing around but you just can't deny the desire to express your wants.

I have several friends who just engaged and married to their love ones.People are envious of them,so much.How come I didn't feel the same? To be frank,I'm not looking forward to be someone's husband in present.It's too early for me.I'm just 20 and I still have a long way to go.There's so much more I need to discover about strengths,weaknesses,capabilities and potentials before I get married to someone.

Let me remind you that marriage is not a love game.It is more than just cuddling,hugging,having sex and sleeping together.You're about to step yourself into the new world.As usual,things are easily said than done.

Before I want to get married,I will
  1. Send my parents to Haji
  2. Finish my degree or master.
  3. Work and earn my own money.
  4. Upgrade my house.
  5. Italy vacation with my family.
  6. Buy a car.
That's my goal.I'm going to complete all before I reached 30.Insyaallah,I will be someone's husband when I am 30 years old...Wow,only 10 years from now,how fast time flies.But,why 30? I don't know,I think I will achieve "What are you waiting for?" stage when I am completely stable in physical,mental and financial as well,that will be 30.

Apr 28, 2012


"Bila jumpa rasa biasa je.Tapi,bila tak jumpa,sehari rasa macam seribu tahun lamanya.."

Ewww.A very hopeless romantic line! But I'm not going to lie about what I feel.So,I want to ask you,is that normal in relationship? Where you miss someone like pretty pretty pretty hard? I'm such a newbie in this love thingy,I looked like I know everything about woman but to be honest,I know exactly nothing.

How come I never felt the same with my ex before? The relationship I have with Rainbow is quite different compared to relationships that I used to have,in a very good way.

Whatever,one sure thing is madly in love is a very good feeling.

Apr 26, 2012


Well,my throat and tummy always growling for something new.Today,I dated Rainbow,we haven't met for a month I guess.We went to Midvalley Megamall to check out what's happening there since I haven't stepped myself in Midvalley since,T-Rex was still a baby?

Both of us need to feed in something new and fresh,not Subway,not Wendy's,not Carl's Junior,not that kind of food anymore.I came up with an idea,what about Korean food? So,I began Tweeting,asking if there's any Seoul Garden.Sadly,no.It is only available in One Utama.Then,I saw this...

I was like,why not? Here are some pictures taken.

Alaaa,buat muka comel pulak.Pang sekali,nak?

I ordered this.The name is Buldogi,damn it sounds like a bulldog! A complete set of meal,suitable for those 'pelahap' out there.

Rice in the bottom.Slices of carrots,corn pickles,kimchi,seaweed,roasted beefs on the top.Yeah,half-cooked egg yolk at the center.

The vegetables are..I don't know.It looks weird.It tastes weird as well.

Finish and happy.Feel so much Gu Jun Pyo alike! Muntahhhh....

p/s : I used to think national Korean food,Kimchi tastes like Popiah Basah,Not even close!

Apr 24, 2012


Dealing physically with people who hate you can be so useless.It's like,whether you good or bad,there must be certain people who hate you.When they hate,they just hate.Absolutely with no reason,sometimes.

I am a 20 years old guy now.To be honest,I think I have no problem dealing with the people I hate.I only love the people who love me and I only hate people who hate me.Easy,right? When people hate you,the best way is don't ever give a fuck towards their presence in your life.Let's just pretend that they don't even existed in the first place.

I'm a butterfly and you are a maggot.I'm shining like a bright star,while you just a dead and damp asteroid.I've got NO TIME to put my knuckles inside your throat or bite your neck until it gets apart of your body.I live in my own world,I never stepped myself into yours,so don't bother mine.

People hate you because they can't be you and they can't have you.Don't hate back,it's not worth your time.Stop wasting your times with the wrong people!

Apr 4, 2012


What a phenomenon.Everyone is talking about her nowadays.To be honest,I really like her.I'm not saying that I'm madly in love with her,I just like her.She might be overrated,but I do think she has something that differ her from any local artists nowadays.

1. She's super-sexy
Everyone knows that.Well,I've heard she's 35-25-36,is that true? Her body can make all boys go WOW and girls go DUHH.

2. She's a beauty with brain.
Like a real brain.I just found out that she she scored 5A in UPSR,8A in PMR and 10A in SPM.How many celebrities managed to do that?

3.She will be a huge business tycoon!
She launched Neelofa Heels her very own business career and how old is she again? Right,22.Moreover,she's from a very rich family and I really adore those rich kids who make money by their daddy's money.

4. She's a natural beauty.
See her with no make-up,still a stunner,right? Well,some might said,'aku tengok Neelofa tu biasa je,tak lawa mana pun'...Depends on your interests,okay? Beauty lies on the eyes of beholder.To my eyes,she's really beautiful.

5. Because of this picture...I've showed it to 10 friends of mine,9 of them were like 'asdfghjkl mak aihhh hot gila sial' and that other 1 friends didn't say anything,because he's a gay.

Apr 3, 2012


Well,I've got a job as a Sales Assistant at Daiso Japan,The Mines.You know what is Daiso,aren't you? In case if you don't know,Daiso is a new-established company from Japan which sells Japanese products like everything you just name it.What's more exciting,it sells everything at RM5!

They asked me to work like 13 hours in a day,but the basic is like RM1400.
Moreover,an additional RM60 will be added if you managed to get full attendance with punctuality.I'm so not going to let it go! I will start working this upcoming Monday.Wish me the best,guys.

Hihihi,it's been a while I didn't watch any movies.The last one was John Carter.I would like to bring my girlfriend to watch The Vow today,is it okay?

Mar 22, 2012


Friends come and go.I laughed so hard whenever I thought to myself,how hard for me to accept the fact before.Yes! I used to take friendship way more serious than anything.However,that was then.I would like to become more realistic these days,since our world is occupied by selfish bastards and ungrateful creatures.

Some people just don't have any idea how meaningful they are to someone.But,it is my job to remind you every second? Eee,geli la bodo,faham-faham je lah. Let me clear this fucking things up,my presence is not going to be long in your life.I somehow know we might have our own seperate ways someday,but at least could you appreciate me while I'm still around?

Sadly,you have failed as a friend.If only friendship can be measured by grades,I'm going to give you G! Repeat for the next semester! Hahahaha.I'm going to make my job really easy now.To forget about all of you people who came into my life and went away like nothing happened.How did you do that? You're so cool! I want to be like you! Bullshit.

Feelings change,but memories does not.Nevermind,I' have cherished our last chapter,until we meet again.If time made it harder,I wish I could remember.Someday,you will miss me.If you ever found me that time,my middle finger will be raised up.Just for you.

It is sad when the people you know become the people you knew.How you used to be able to live for years together,but now you can barely look at them.No matter what happened,I'm still one awesome boy!