Feb 8, 2012


I've been struggling with my facial problems since I was a little kid.Okay,I lied.Since I was 14 or something,if I wasn't mistaken.Unlike those beautiful boys,I have no beautiful skin.I have a very normal skin for Malaysian guy,which has some acne here and there,with oily face and also,scars are like fucking everywhere!

I also have been this type,I don't know what type since the name is too difficult to remember,Garnier for Men user! Yeah,it really works.It blemishes and cleanses all of those stupid impurities in my face,literally eliminates all of my acnes,leaving only scars behind.I feel like,it was the very first time I found a skincare product worth to buy!

However,I was so stupid.One day,I went to Watson and buy another skincare,which I thought it was the one I usually wore.I applied it to my face,two times a day.A week after,that fucking pimples were there once again in my face.In my cheek,nose,forehead,every part of my face!

Now,it's been three days I didn't wear any skincare product.I feel so undeniably fresher than Febreze! I don't know,I tend to believe things happened for reasons.One sure thing is I need to stop putting too much chemical substances into my face! What do you guys think?

Tapi emak selalu pesan,budak lelaki kalau takde jerawat,tak hensem lah...