Nov 15, 2011


Do you guys love ice-cream? I bet 8/10 of you love it,as much as I do.Wait a minute,I like ice-cream but I don't face any symptoms of ice-cream addiction or obsession.Heck me,who cares,as long you feel good when you put it into your mouth.

One day,I was walking along the frozen food area in Tesco.Then,I saw so many ice-creams,came out with so many different names and brands.It was a hot day,so I decided to buy one.I was searching which one would going to be the best selection for me...

Well,everyone knows about this Baskin Robbins,especially girls.I had it several times,but only the small cup one,it was delightful.The image above is the 500ml,which is way more larger one.It was just an ice cream,but I can buy two medium-sized pizzas at Domino's.It was so expensive,for an ice-cream!

After that,I saw this Ben & Jerry's.Ohh,I don't even know this brand exists in Malaysia since I saw it on Travel & Living Channel a couple years ago.It was one of the best ice-cream in the world,no wonder it was a little bit pricey,I can eat five footlong breads in Subway with money that amount.

Damn,I was so broke that time but I really wanted to eat an ice-cream.I mean,a very good-tasted one with a very low price! Worth to buy and easy to get.What kind of ice-cream is that? Hahaha,this one lah my friend....

This one is a legend! Eat this Potong ice-cream twice and you will forget about another ice-creams,seriously.Do you know that ice-cream functions the same towards human bodies? It makes you want to throw out because it contains milk and cream.When you feel like you're going to throw out,you're surely forget everything about ice-cream including Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerry's.

Eat this Potong,and you will save a lot of money!