Feb 16, 2010

Chip Chip Chip Chip and Dale!

Take a look at this hairball! Well,my mom found it this morning.I don't know why but I think it is a cute and innocent look creature.It's a boy.Both of my sister were so deeply in love with this..ermm..it's not a rat actually,it's a squirrel.Do I spell it correctly?

The two stupid fangirls already prepared the name.Eventhough the name is a little bit corky and gay,I just have to deal with it because the squirrel's belong to them.

They call it JB which is a shortform of Justin Beiber. Oh my bitch,so gay!

Let me tell ya one time!

Feb 8, 2010

I miss you Lindsay Lohan!

It's a little bit hilarious because I adore everything on the old days recently.Yes,I miss Lindsay Lohan,the old one.

Just look at her now.It's just a big dissapointment to watch her.I mean,her meltdown movies,her crap music,her physical appereances and also her annoying behaviour.

Apparently,Lindsay Lohan kind of make me want to puke sometimes.The controversial made by her were so lame and stereotypical,that was the momment I found out that she's so distasteful,in other word it spells disgusting.Just like millions of red dots on her body!

Where's my little girl Lilo?
I miss all her past movies,The Parent's Trap,Confession Of A teenage Drama Queen,Freaky Friday,Mean Girl and Herbie.But still,her music sounds pretty suck though.Hahaha.

Come back Lindsay.Please shine my world once again!

Feb 3, 2010

Dear my very own Sid and Nancy

I am not a quitter.But I do believe there's a word ENOUGH in everybody's brain and mine was already reach the phase.As long you still inhaled a gas named oxygen,there's a limitation in everything,which means you were so stupid if you cross the line.

You must been thinking what a lousy friend I am,didn't you?I supposed to support you like Nancy said.Yes,of course I will.We were bestfriends,right? Three of us,don't you think?You want to hear something from me,


I'm exhausted.That's the word.I'm getting sick and tired to fake an interest in front of you guys.You tried to make this so all about you and that was the part I hate most.I can't stand you guys! I repeat,I can't stand it.I feel like I'm going to puke when 'how could this happened to me?' came out from your mouth.Are you blindfolded by something? Because I think the answers are right in front of your fucking eyes.

The fugly Nancy told me that I didn't understand her boyfriend and acted like I don't know him.I was laughing my ass off when she made those annoying statements.Hey slut,how could you say that to me?I knew him since you still sucking your mom's breast milk! I am the one who support and stand by his side through all this time.Apparently,I'm not going to pick a fight with you eventhough your irrelevant assumptions cause me a massive heartache.

You ruined everything!

Hey Sid,we have so much fun together but that's it.I'm not afraid to walk alone anymore.Besides,there's a plenty of people out there who really needs me.I hope you learn,when a bestfriend started to voice out,it clearly tell you that you have to prepare for something unusual.