Jun 24, 2010

How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to

Yesterday,my two old friends and I went to Metro Kajang.Why Kajang? So much better if in Kuala Lumpur,right? Actually,Kajang is our hometown.We would like to immortalise our last chapter here,where the place we met each other before.

We will be in our own seperate lines,Pat will go to college in Bangi and his family will move to Seremban while Andy didn't have any plan about future but he is surely will further study somewhere and I will go to Johor,tomorrow.I wonder how is life going to be without them.We knew each other since 10 years ago and I didn't expected time runs this fast.

We sat at mamak and started to talk and laugh non-stoply.Then,we went to karaoke 'jamban' and we sang about twelve songs.Yes,including Goyang Inul and Bunga-Bunga Cinta.Geli tapi best.Hahahaha.We had a really blast because there's nothing more relaxing than to be with your old friends and do a lot of super-stupid things altogether.

Well,maybe it is just a typical phase that every human have to go through.They say,all good things will come to an end,don't worry because time will tell you everything.To all my bestfriends,you know who you are,right? We all take different paths in life but no matter where we go,we take a little of each other everywhere.I will miss you guys.

Moral : Many people will walk in and out of your life,but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.Appreciate your friends because they will not going to be by your side forever.

Jun 23, 2010

In the next two days,everything will get destroyed.

I would say my college or university life is far from what I have imagined before.I have done everything for not to be there this Saturday.
  1. I explained everything to my parents.Failed.
  2. I asked them to let me make my own decision for my own future.Failed.
  3. I promised to my mother that I'm going to pay back her RM600,that she paid for the university bills.Failed.
  4. I will find my own place to live.Failed.
  5. I will working back for Kenny Rogers.Failed.
  6. I didn't eat what my mother's cooked.Failed.
  7. I didn't speak a word to my parents.Failed.
  8. I will runaway from home.Guess what?
  9. I already did that this morning but my father found me at KTM Kajang.Failed.
  10. Once there,every final exam,I will failed myself,in purpose.
See,only God knows how I don't want to be there.Yes,I'm a spoiled brat,a chihuahua dog,or maybe Aoki Lee.You can say anything you want,come on,try me.People always love to say something eventhough it contains nothing inside!

Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I just need someone to talk to about this,no one seems understand what I have to go through.Therefore,I have to victomizes my blog,which is so called my online expression.Now I'm a little bit relieved and enough said it really helps me a lot.For those who are get annoyed by my writings above,I'm so sorry but still,it has nothing to do with you.

Moral : Do not against your parents because there will be no win-win situation between you and them.They always win no matter what.

Jun 18, 2010

Once upon a time ago,your mother is way chic than Madonna.

I really like my recent life.No school so there's no more homework.No job so don't have to sleep early because there is no more tiring day.It's so good if you can do what you want to do.I never felt this free before.

Yesterday,Esya found a lot of old clothes and shoes inside my mother's ancient cupboard that already placed in the store backyard for more than 20 years! Therefore,she decided to try out several clothes and here they are.

Funny,isn't it? I couldn't imagine my mother wear this outfit.I'm pretty sure you guys have seen your parents's photo albums when they were young,and so what's your immediate impression? Your father was so handsome with his long hair and tight ripped jeans while your mother was a very sexy,exactly with very bright red lips and smokey eyes wore a plain t-shirt with mom jeans.

It is so obvious that you have to listen to them in every aspects,fashion is included.No wonder old people always proud about their past times.

Jun 17, 2010

It's a cobra poison! Quick,help me,I'm paralyzed!

I'm broken-hearted.Give me Xanax or something because I'm really sick and tired to think about it.It's just a week more before I go to university.Actually,I don't want to be there but since my mom already paid all the bills,I realized that I just can't easily say no.

Place : UiTM Segamat,Johor.
Course : Diploma in Information Management.

Information Management?? What the hell's that? I didn't applied for it and that's what I got? Seeing all of my friends get what they actually wanted since in school kind of make me feel really bad about myself.I'm not envious or jealous of them but why? Why? Why? Why I have to study for something I don't even know what it is?

I'm not being rebelious here.I just want to voice out my frustrations because it seems like no one is going to give a damn about it.I went to school and I'm not stupid.In fact,I know what I'm capable of.My SPM's result also qualified for both courses I applied before(Law and TESL).

If there were too many geniuses out there,why several of my friends who scored C in both Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah managed to get into Law course?

You know what's hurt the most? When you have to say goodbye to something you've aimed for since long time ago.I have to recreate myself back and it might takes forever.Let's start this thing all over again.

Again,I'm not go against fate.This is far from the truth,I know things happened for reasons and I never blame anyone but myself.I get it...


Jun 13, 2010

Believe me,I know how it feels when we failed at something we put a lot of effort onto.

Life is all about accepting and appreciating.I'm practising that right now before it's too late.I'm trying to be a better person with a good quality of life.I have kind of feeling that life is short,nowadays.

I will accept differences and variations,not forget to mention also my fate.In short,what's written for me up there.I better get used to it because it is obviously cumpolsory.I believe He knows best and whether I like it or not I'm soooo have to deal with it.Besides,I'm a man and I will never run away from my own problems.

I will appreciate my past and present momments,whether it was laugh-til-4 in the morning or tears-fall-endlessly momments.I hope that I can be more grateful to God because he had gave me everything.Apparently,I have nothing to complains or questions at least for this time and I really wish this will last forever.It might sounds impossible but who knows about future?

I guess,my life is going to be so unexpected and unpredictable like it used to before.Well,that's life.When what you have hoped for didn't happened and you just want to ask God,'Why?' Now,I realized that is so inappropriate and unnessesary things to say.Forgive me,I shouldn't acted that way!

When you faced a lot of complications and problems,instead why me,better you should use try me!

Jun 5, 2010

Slut,a bunch of sluts!

This morning,my mother asked me to follow her to Pasar Kajang.I was boring at that time so I followed her.There were so many people,it's Saturday wasn't it?

After that,my mother want to go to RHB Bank which is situated opposite Pasar Kajang.As usual,my mother holded my hand whenever and wherever we have to cross the road.I'm 18 but I think nothing's wrong with that.Then,we reached the bank and suddenly,there is a bunch of girls from Convent school said,

"See that guy,dah besar panjang pun pegang tangan mak lagi!"

"Biasa laa,anak mak!"

First of all,I just want to say,yup,I'm a mommy's boy.I was laughing my ass off so bad when those line above came out from their mouth.

I'm a little bit surprised to know how worst their narrow-minded problem are.Where's your sense of humanity? I'm sorry if your mom is a slut,or she ran away with other man since you're still a baby or she has an ugly face like a bulldog.But,I'm sorry again,it has nothing to do with me holding hands with my own mother.

I repeat,she's nobody but MY MOTHER and what's your problem if I hold her hand? I 'came out' from her and I love her more than anything.Better you should go back home and kill yourself,stupid fugly bitch.

Jun 2, 2010

Alalala,sini anak daddy sayang!

Do you remember my squirrel? He's already dead because of suffocation.I'm not so sad about it since we were not so close.But,I really need a new pet.

One day,my father brought a box,there's six kittens inside screamed miow miow miow! They were so cute,at least in my eyes.Therefore,we decided to take care of them.

The other three was dead so here they are,the left one..

Meet them,Tommy,Dimas and Yunho.They are real survivors!

I closed with Tommy lately.I love talk to him,call me psycho or what,I don't care.He seems understanding compared to his friends.Dimas only interested at food while Yunho is handsome but stupid and naughty.

Having those little kittens make want my newborn baby,as soon as possible! Wait a minute,stop dreaming,dork!