Jun 23, 2010

In the next two days,everything will get destroyed.

I would say my college or university life is far from what I have imagined before.I have done everything for not to be there this Saturday.
  1. I explained everything to my parents.Failed.
  2. I asked them to let me make my own decision for my own future.Failed.
  3. I promised to my mother that I'm going to pay back her RM600,that she paid for the university bills.Failed.
  4. I will find my own place to live.Failed.
  5. I will working back for Kenny Rogers.Failed.
  6. I didn't eat what my mother's cooked.Failed.
  7. I didn't speak a word to my parents.Failed.
  8. I will runaway from home.Guess what?
  9. I already did that this morning but my father found me at KTM Kajang.Failed.
  10. Once there,every final exam,I will failed myself,in purpose.
See,only God knows how I don't want to be there.Yes,I'm a spoiled brat,a chihuahua dog,or maybe Aoki Lee.You can say anything you want,come on,try me.People always love to say something eventhough it contains nothing inside!

Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I just need someone to talk to about this,no one seems understand what I have to go through.Therefore,I have to victomizes my blog,which is so called my online expression.Now I'm a little bit relieved and enough said it really helps me a lot.For those who are get annoyed by my writings above,I'm so sorry but still,it has nothing to do with you.

Moral : Do not against your parents because there will be no win-win situation between you and them.They always win no matter what.


superduperhairi ;) said...

Seeya in hell :D
Well hell wasnt that bad actually lols.
I,too fighting for my own hell lols.
Okay sorry if the word hell sounds offensive cause it wasnt mean that way.
Okay,Khal? (;

You know you at least got ipta.I mean I apply both English and Law in UIA but something BIG messed up on their website ,so I couldnt find if I get in or not and then my ma call them yesterday and guess what? Maaf puan,intake 6 Jun haritu,kalau tak dapat tau tu means tak dapat la. wth kan .

So now,I'm sorting things back cause I also dont know what to do exactly.I mean should I work and wait for another intake for uitm this near December or just enter any ipts. Oh macam mana ni :/

You know back then,when I was in form 4 I went to mrsm at Kuala Kubu cause I somehow manage to get in,Yay! but meh I didnt like it cause its too heavy for me.But my parents spent like hell lot so I beg and beg and beg everyday so that I cant let go of Mrsm. At first they wont give me but after awhile I said I know what I'm doing ,so ma please respect my decision.And alhamdulillah I dapat keluar.

God bless you oh,time is running out.Beg for some mercy weh .Goodluck and segamat sounds a closed place to me o.o

Muhammad Khalis said...

I'm glad because you have went through exactly what I have to go through now.I keep saying I don't want to go but do I have any options? I do not have one and apparently I'm sick of it.

I feel like I've been discriminate.It's not fair.I've been working my ass off so bad before to get the course.Suddenly,shit happened,I didn't get it at all and they already gave me nonsense course instead.Yes,it's true,rezeki is rezeki but I still think that I don't deserve all this.

Diploma in Information Management? What the hell was that? I didn't applied for it before.I'm not a type of human who can easily study for something I don't even know what it is.

I somehow don't have any other alternatives.I have to go there,live there,grow up there for three bloody years studying for something which is not my food.