Nov 25, 2009

What's that?quick make a wish

Next paper on Tuesday,about next week.I was hung out with a couple of friends just now.What an awesome night.

While I'm smoking,sat on the swing at a playground,you know what??
I was like,oh bullshit,this is my first time ever!Woooo!!They say if you witnessed it,and you quickly make a wish,most probably it will come true someday.

Huh?Really?i thought it was an epic or something.Then,I started to make a wish...

Nov 15, 2009

Don't drag me,I don't give a fuck


Please,I'm begging you,don't bother me after this,examinations just near the corner.It would pleasure to me if you just mind your own business all by yourself.I am holy tired,I really do.Now,it's time for me to take a step back.In addition,I have no interest to interfere your world because I think mine was better.

Don't get me wrong.I'm not a yenter.It is your life,not mine.A lot of thing needed to think about.

Nov 12, 2009

Maybe I'm related to Paris Hilton

"Hey,semalam lepak bukan nak ajak kan?Babi...."I said.

"Bukan tak nak ajak,aku datang rumah kau je,kau tengah belajar la,tak nak diganggu la,tak ada masa nak lepak la...."

Thank you!For make me change my perspective about people who I called friends.From now on,to me friends is a group of people who are super-inconsiderate!

Can't you guys understand me?Is it so hard to accept that I am not your type?I know lately I'm just do my thing.Okay,I didn't went out with you guys,I quit smoking and I didn't listen a word came out from your mouth,because..

I'm fucking annoying,you knew that long time ago,didn't you?

This is the only time.I don't want to be a human who regret about everything afterwards.That's too late I guess.I didn't asked you to be like me.Eventhough I think I have better social life than yours(hahaha),but it's up to you because it's your life by the way.

Can you respect my decision like I used to respect yours?Because I think that's what friends do.We were having so much fun together,but too much sugar could kill us.

Nov 11, 2009

Year-End Class Party!

The class party was awesome!The food was great,the slideshow was great,everything was so great I guess.As a conclusion,I really have a blast!Here's some of photos taken,

I'm going to miss you guys.Boys and girls,we have a lot of fun together,aren't we?It will become a little weird after this.I mean,we will no longer meet each other on that school.

Nov 10, 2009

Do you think that I'm like the stupid boys out there,who deeply in love and super-obsessed with a human being named Megan Fox?

I am maybe out of date to post this,but who cares?

I've watched Jennifer's Body last night.Are you thinking that I'm going to say 'oh my fuckin god,it was the greatest movie ever!!' or 'damn,I wish Jennifer eat me alive!'?

Sorry,word 'okay' could describe the movie(sorry Megan's fan).I'm still relevant.Nothing impress me out like 'whoaaa!'.The movie's like kind of puntianak's story or something.It's all about revenge and unforgiven acts.
Apparently,there's certain scenes that made me really want to puke.Especially when she's vomiting tons of blood.My gut turn upside down that time.Hahaha.I am Hemophobic for your information.

Poor Needy,she lost her boyfriend because Jennifer ate him.Go to hell you maneater!However.she's got a sexy v-lines.I didn't know that.Eventhough this movie crap,I still think that Twilight is worstest among the all.I hope Jennifer will kill both Edward and drunk Bella.

Nov 5, 2009

Sorry Teacher,please don't be mad

Dear my Additional Mathematics's teacher,Mrs.See Su Chyn

I don't care if you're not reading this.But I'm going to post this.I think you're a great teacher.I mean,you are one of a kind.You're a good teacher.But,I'm sorry teacher,I just can't do it.I know you hate me :

  1. Skip your class
  2. Didn't finish homework.
  3. Pretend to do exercises.
  4. Copy in all test.
  5. But still failed all year.
  6. I am the only one who scored 1 in trial exam.What?
Apparently,you have sufficient solid reasons to hate me.I considered myself as a total failure.I know you're dissapointed and of course I know how you feel when having such an apathetic student,like me.Again,from the bottom of my heart,I AM SORRY!

Nov 3, 2009

Bruno also didn't good at Mathematics

I'm dealing with my endless conflict,a simple word could describe all of it.It is MATHS.

I used to think Maths is a difficult subject.Therefore,I'm losing my interest.The only time I finished my Maths homework was on the first week of school session,it's a longgg time ago.Eventually,all of my classmates have 4 different kind of Maths's exercise books,while I owns only 1.I just don't felt like I'm going to do it.It's just beyond my level.So,I never pass my exam.

That's was my previous perception about Mathematics.Last week,in my Maths tuition class,Pn.Rashidah,my teacher said something that could open my fucking eyes wide,

"Mulai hari ini,Khalis ni anak angkat cikgu.Dia mesti dapat A dalam Matematik nanti..."

I was like,what the heck?She said that?Oh my lord,I'd better work up on it.You know what,it is amazing to have someone who still supporting you,eventhough they were knew that you are hopeless!

Nov 1, 2009

I've seen your new sex video

Please,don't get me wrong.It's just a piece of me,no intention to offense or provoking.

I am not a human who are unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy.Furthermore,it's just kind of obvious phenomenon.Why don't you just admit it?That your life doesn't miserable enough compared to what you've told before.You trying to make it sounds like atomic biological bombs,so people would realize your presence.You making up fake stories of yourself and telling others about it.

Holy crap,are you that desperate?I think yes,it based on how 'sad' your life are due to harsh circumstances you went through before.

Do you think I will believe all the words that came out from your mouth?Hahaha,do you think I am that stupid?

Get up kid!Do you want my sympathy?Or my attention?You don't have to do such things.

I think you are afraid to be left out in the dark.You are afraid to be abandoned.You are hugely gross creature,even your mother keep asking herself,why would you came out from her @#$%.You have a week character building.You will countinously live in your drama theatre.