Nov 1, 2009

I've seen your new sex video

Please,don't get me wrong.It's just a piece of me,no intention to offense or provoking.

I am not a human who are unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy.Furthermore,it's just kind of obvious phenomenon.Why don't you just admit it?That your life doesn't miserable enough compared to what you've told before.You trying to make it sounds like atomic biological bombs,so people would realize your presence.You making up fake stories of yourself and telling others about it.

Holy crap,are you that desperate?I think yes,it based on how 'sad' your life are due to harsh circumstances you went through before.

Do you think I will believe all the words that came out from your mouth?Hahaha,do you think I am that stupid?

Get up kid!Do you want my sympathy?Or my attention?You don't have to do such things.

I think you are afraid to be left out in the dark.You are afraid to be abandoned.You are hugely gross creature,even your mother keep asking herself,why would you came out from her @#$%.You have a week character building.You will countinously live in your drama theatre.

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