Jul 17, 2011


When I'm with her, I wish time stops. Because they said once,that time will run fast when you are happy.

Do you ever feel this feeling? Is that normal?

It's true that we are in the same campus, but it's false if you say that we meet each other every single day. We're not in the same class and not in the same course. In short, eventhough we are madly in love, we rarely meet each other frequently.

But that is not even a threat to our relationship.We still believe in our love, as long as we kept our faith and promises.That's why if we met, I found myself so hard to let her go. I just want to spend my time with her, together all by ourselves.

I feel like, I'm on the climax of my love life. I'm already in the stage where I can say that I have found the right person,the perfect one for me.There ain't nothing better than this feeling. When I looked into her eyes, I can see someone more like myself. When the world turns upside down,it's nice to have someone upside down with her!

I don't care how fucked up this life is as long as I can live it with you.

Jul 8, 2011


I was trying to memorize the song If I Die Young lyrics by The Band Perry on YouTube this evening.Then,I accidentally read the comments posted by the viewers on that video.It was all about the murder case of Caylee Marie Anthony,a little girl who was killed by her own mother a couple years ago.The case became sensational once again lately because the judges decided for not giving death penalty to the murderer.Everyone was so shocked and started to questioning where's the justice?

That was in Florida.Enough of the States.It also happened in Malaysia.Do you remember Nurin Jazlin? She was killed in a really terrible way.It's too sad to describe it actually.She was missing for about 20 days.Her body was found inside a bag,with a cucumber and a brinjal was found stuffed inside her genitals.Even her own parents were not able to identify the body as their daughter's due to changes of her physical features.Since then,the murderer is still free from any accusation.

Suddenly,I remembered watching The Lovely Bones with my sisters about a year ago.I was so afraid if someone will kidnap my sisters.Then,he rapes and kills them.After that,he buries them elsewhere.Motherfuck,it is way too scary! God,please don't let such things happen in my life I'm begging you.I just don't know what to do with myself if I lost them.

How could human be so heartless nowadays? If you are really depressed or frustrated about something,you don't have to kill someone just to make sure that you're attaining your psychotic satisfaction.How many people like you out there? The world is no longer a safe place to live in.

To all the murderers,you could escape the world...

But you could not escape hell,Allah is watching you right now.

Jul 3, 2011


Can I ask you something? What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
I used to be a fan of Trix.You know what's that,don't you? It was the type of cereal with various shapes,flavors and colors.Never getting bored eating it because you can eat yellow bananas,red apples,purple grapes and so much more.Besides,it also taste pretty fine! However,Trix was no longer available in my place.I was searching for it everywhere.I really miss that white skinny bunny!

I must find another replacement for my favorite cereal! Yes,you're right! It's not Koko Krunch.It's not Corn Flakes.I already changed it into Honey Star! It happened since Fareez stayed with me and we always had our breakfast together with that yellow star-shaped thingy!

We are genuinely a bunch of happy guys.But we get more happier if....


Jul 2, 2011


I maybe too late to post about this.Hmm,do you know who the hell is Rebecca Black?

I am just lazy to Google more about her,like seriously.Can somebody just tell me how she could get 160 million views on YouTube? When my sister asked me to listen to Friday,I was like,what is this shit? She sounds like The Nanny gone mad,which is so unethical to human ears.I hate the way she pronounced Friday,it makes me shiver,it makes me want to vomit.

Not just the song,but the video also is a brilliant bullshit.All of the scenes seem so wrong,mainly everything is wrong! The best part is when I hit the dislike button.Go watch the video by yourself,you will know why.

Let say if she's really come out with a new song featuring Justin Beiber soon,I think nothing is more terrifying than that.I can't imagine how many curse words come out from the people from all over the world.

Dear Rebecca,thanks for teaching me that Saturday comes after Friday.

Jul 1, 2011


I think it is a good news for the people who love me.

I think I'm in a process of slowing down my smoking habit! It was a kind of involuntary feelings actually,because I never thought I could survive a day without my usual routine.To be frank,I used to be a heavy smoker back then.I smoked about a pack of cigarettes which contains 20 altogether in one day but now I can minimize it into only 6-7 of it.How cool is that?

My mom didn't forbid me smoking because her husband did the same thing since he was born.She always told me to slow down because smoking is like,killing yourself slowly.Same goes to Rainbow,who asked me to slow but do not stop because she thinks I looked cool when I was smoking.See,she's weird and I love her!

Why don't I just quit? I will work towards it for sure.