Jul 1, 2011


I think it is a good news for the people who love me.

I think I'm in a process of slowing down my smoking habit! It was a kind of involuntary feelings actually,because I never thought I could survive a day without my usual routine.To be frank,I used to be a heavy smoker back then.I smoked about a pack of cigarettes which contains 20 altogether in one day but now I can minimize it into only 6-7 of it.How cool is that?

My mom didn't forbid me smoking because her husband did the same thing since he was born.She always told me to slow down because smoking is like,killing yourself slowly.Same goes to Rainbow,who asked me to slow but do not stop because she thinks I looked cool when I was smoking.See,she's weird and I love her!

Why don't I just quit? I will work towards it for sure.


Yong Sofea said...

Good luck in kicking that habit kehoe :)

Kehoe Cheong said...

I will try my best,thank you so much for your encouragement!