Dec 23, 2014


Let me start this post with wishing someone special in my life, which is my Rainbow. Happy 22nd Birthday on 22nd of December! 

I was so busy with assignments, tests, research and presentations; I am in my final semester what do I expected? As my pre-present for her birthday, I just made a long list of 22 reasons to love her.

1.       She’s so beautiful. YES SHE IS
She is a natural beauty and physically perfect. She has a very fair skin, great face complexion, high cheekbone, long wavy hair, thin lips, perfect teeth set and the part that I fell in love the hardest would be her eyes. She has this pair of round-eyes that actually smile whenever she’s smiling. With no make-up, she gets me melt. With a little make-up on, she gets the whole Atlantic melt.

2.       She’s got that bimbo personality.
Besides her beauty, she also has a personality of a bimbo. Just admit it, all bimbos are hot babes. Let me get this straight, she might looks like a bimbo but she is actually really smart. I somehow like her that way because she’s cute and funny with that personality. She is Anna Faris and Mila Kunis all combined.

3.       She has a great body
She always complained that she is too thin. I said ‘STFU bitch, you are angel sent from up above’. I don’t care being labeled insensitive towards her insecurity when it comes to her body because I think her small bone structure with less fat and flesh make her look very pretty in whatever clothes she’s wearing.

4.       She has a great sense of style
When it comes to styling, she believes that simplicity goes a long way. She always looked chic and classy even when she just put a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She never cared about brands, as long as they look good on her, she’ll just go with it.

5.       She’s a family-guy
She puts family first and everything second. That is a plus point, because I considered myself as a family-guy as well. Besides, her family is so good to me like, we are not close that much but it is enough to know that her family is having no problem with me dating her. Her family is calling me Sudirman, I don’t even know why.

6.       She has unknown alter egos
I don’t know but I tend to think that there are angel and devil live inside of her. When she’s all lovey-dovey, that means she is on Cassandra mode. But when she’s all hyped up with darkness, Charlie takes its part. Cassandra is a loving, compassionate and sympathetic creature, while Charlie is a brave, fearless and heroic mortal. To wrap it up, different situations lead to different alter egos.

7.       She’s a woman. WOMAN
She is a strong, independent and self-governing young lady. She always do something all by herself without a help from anyone. When she wanted something, she worked her ass off to get it even if asking from her daddy would be a lot easier.

8.       She smells really good
Something has to do with her genetic or body temperature, I guess. She has this one smell and it is a good smell. I don’t know how to put this into word. In short, when she’s wearing perfume, the scent lasted for all day. She is currently wearing, if I wasn’t mistaken this one perfume called DKNY MY NY and it suited her best!

9.       She never finished her food
This is a plus point for me actually. She never finished her food, so, I can finish hers.

10.    She’s so down-to-Earth
This point makes me so into her! She has rich parents, live in a big house and drive an expensive car but she never make a fuss about it. She never tells how awesome her life is, grew up in the Nashville, spent sterling in Westfield and had dim-sum in Hong Kong.

11.    She’s so fun to be with
She is funny as hell. She has done a lot of stupidest jokes ever and I actually found it very funny when I thought to myself. “Semalam you keluar dengan Tasha ke?” “Eh, Tasha mana?” “Tashape shape….” It never gets old. We could laugh all day to the lamest jokes in the universe.

12.    She’s so likable
I think she is likable by nature. I’m pretty sure she has zero hater. It seems that all of people in her life like her for who she is.

13.    She’s weird
Yes, she is. She is, in fact, one of the weirdest people I ever met. When it comes to food, the only thing she can digest is chicken; she refused to eat meat, fish, egg, all types of seafood and vegetables. When she’s eating something, she will be like a little girl or she’s automatically 4 years old. I still remember the second date we had, we went to Kenny Rogers. She ate the chicken until it looked like rendang ok. Hahahahaha!

14.    She’s very supportive; you will go “Awww…”
With no doubt, she is one of the most kind-hearted people I have encountered in life. She can be your strongest supporter, best listener and a shoulder, of course for you to cry on. She always knows what to do and what to say.

15.    She hated no one
Trust me, throughout these three years of knowing her, I never heard she said how much she hated anyone. I wonder if she’s really kind or she just doesn't give a fuck about others. But it seems like she doesn’t allow anyone to bother her mind, and that is the sexiest part.

16.    She’s a happy-go-lucky
I can’t recall the last time she cried about life. I wonder if life really treats her well or she’s so good at hiding her feelings. I tend to believe in both. However, most of the times, she is very happy with her life. She is transmitting tons of positive vibes to her surroundings with her attitude.

17.    She likes everything I gave her
Even if my presents were not much, the appreciation token that she gave makes me feel like I just bought a beach house. In Ibiza. With a yacht. She appreciated every single present that I gave her. She fully-utilized all of them like she wore the perfume until the last drop, she used the handbag until the bag looks like roti canai, and the wallet until it went missing. Let see if the ring and the watch last long like other presents.

18.    She’s so good with surprises
Through all these years, she proved that she is really good in making surprises, especially for me! I can’t get over those iPhone 4 Pokeball casing, Bulbasaur plush toys, Megazord action figures, Darthvader Transformer, Darthvader helmet and Darthvader & Anakin action figures. Besides, she also surprised me with Moschino Forever Sailing and a Fossil watch. Not forget to mention, the Star Wars, Pokemon and Adventure Times cupcakes that she baked for my birthday.

19.    She’s good with babies
I never really liked babies and kids because they are annoying. However, she changed my life when she introduced me to her nephew, who is a baby named Furqan Rayyan or Uqon. Uqon loves her so much, who doesn’t? I WANT A BABY THAT LOOKS LIKE HIM!

20.    She helps me. A LOT
Even if I lost any battle in life, I believe I just won the war since she came to my life.

21.    She sees a hero in me
“I want you!” That is her only answer when I felt insecure towards myself. I mean, take a look, a girl like her would easily get whoever she wanted, tall, handsome, filthy rich, soccer player, who drives an Impreza and have a life insurance. But still, she chooses me, a short guy, financially unstable, a daydreamer who drives a Kelisa and got zero savings in account. She even added, “Let’s build an empire someday!” I bet she didn’t know how much that line affected me. Sometimes, you need nothing but someone to believe in you.

22.    She’s all I ever wanted in life
All I ever wanted in life is a beautiful girl with a big heart come to me and tell me bedtime stories every single night. But my life is better than my dream for now. Allah gave me more than what I asked. She showered me with never-ending enjoyment and non-stop happiness. I couldn’t be any more grateful for having her. I was never really into anyone this hard. She gave me feelings people write novel about.