Sep 27, 2010

The Tormented Momment of Motivation Session!

Last night was very dramatic.The night where you can actually witness an annoying situation,mainly about dissatisfaction towards this and that.This commonly happened here and I am used to it.

We have been asked by our seniors to bring along a piece of A4 paper and a pen.The first thing is to divide a paper into two columns.Then,write your name on the top of the paper.On the left side,put a header entitled PERANGAI BAIK SAYA while on the right side of course it would be PERANGAI BURUK SAYA.

You want to know what they wrote about me? HAHA! I'm so shy! Okay,let's start with good things first,shall we? Damn.

  1. Sentiasa bertanya khabar.
  2. Sentiasa senyum kepada orang sekeliling.
  3. Suka tolong orang.
  4. Memahami perasaan orang.
  5. Peramah.
  6. Bertanggungjawab.
  7. Sporting.
  8. Menghormati orang lain.
  9. Gay.
  10. Handsome
I was pretty shocked when I read it.I didn't expect that I will receive such positive feedback.I thought no one is going to write something nice about me.Except for number 9 while number 10 is my favorite,eventhough it is not true at all.Let's move on to the next section.

  1. Ketagihan rokok.
  2. Suka meminta rokok.
  3. Suka memaksa.
  4. Hipokrit.
  5. "Pinjam lighter!" agak annoying.
  6. Burung hantu.
  7. Selamba je buat aksi lucah.
  8. Nak rokok je datang bilik aku.
  9. Kejap-kejap minta lighter.
  10. Pergi jamban suka kaki ayam.
Ouch! I didn't expect this also.I know some of them were joking about I'm borrowing their lighters.I seldomly asked them to give me a cigar because I can afford myself unless the tokan is run out of stock,the situation which is rarely happen,I swear! HAHA!

It's really cool to know what's people perception towards yourself.I'm glad because I have never been involved in serious cases before.They also still can accept my irritating behavior,fair what? I also have to accept theirs! HAHA!

Sometimes,you can say that,I'm going to do this,no one can stop me because I don't fucking care what people say..blah..blah..blah...In the end,you will feel sorry for yourself.That is the most painful part.Regret.

Inilah hidup.Baik macam mana pun,bukan semua suka,Jahat macam mana pun,bukan semua benci.Yang paling penting ialah cara kita bawa diri.

Sep 26, 2010


Nothing happened much lately.I just went through another stressful day,thanks to my lecturers for already gave me a lot of assignments and upcoming tests.What could be more fabulous than that?

I have got a new routine.Maybe a new daily habit.Recently,before I went to sleep,I must watch at least two movies.Wahhh, maybe it was lame,or it should be nothing to make fuss about but I'm really having fun with it.

I managed to watch a lot of latest,actually not so latest,maybe not all of them were the latest one but it was a great thing when you didn't actually missed out the opportunities to watch a bunch of breath-taking movies.

I started with five sequels of American Pie.The next day,I watched The House Bunny and Sorority Boys.Three days ago,it was time for The Time Traveler's Wife and Inception.After that,I watched Salt,gotta tell you it was an awesome movie! Last night,I watched Percy Jackson and Sherlock Holmes.

I have planned to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall but I have no mood because I feel like I'm gonna throw out.I'm not feeling well.

Sep 14, 2010

A hundred seperate lines.

As time goes by,people come and go.Just like the blowing wind.Sometimes,without any sign and that even worst.But that's pretty fine because goodbye is like another f-word,better just STFU right?

We seperate,

We try to move on,

We meet new people and

We keep on living.

That is a typical cycle of relationship.Nothing lasts long forever,it is kind of suck to know that.To be honest,I hate being apart from my friends.I really hate it.They were the most irresistable human-being on Earth! No one could replace them.I want to be with them,laugh like there is no tomorrow!

Suddenly I realized about a bigger dream of mine.I believe extreme relaxation brings you nowhere.Therefore,I decided to calm myself down a little bit.I know there is nothing needed to worry about because my friends still with me no matter what.I need to focus more on myself! Yes,I must stop thinking about others and be able to live happily with my recent life.

I met a lot of old friends during this Eid.Everyone is busy studying.They just can't stop nagging up about their assignments,so do I.It is awesome when I thought to myself,these people were my classmates when they were in Standard 3,that's nearly 10 years ago.Look at them now,some studying at UM,UiTM,UIA,UTM,KPTM,Lim Kok Wing,KLMU,and Taylors.Meanwhile,some will fly to Egypt and Japan this upcoming Thursday!

I'm quite happy for them! Success,everyone deserves it.

Currently listening to Crossfire by Brandon Flowers.

Sep 9, 2010

It is 10th September 2010! It is Eid! It is my fucking birthday!

I didn't sleep at all.Maybe later.I can't resist blogging.I recieved a lot of birthday wishes on my Facebook! Thanks for making me smiling,like a sexual-addicted psychopath! From the bottom of my butt,I really love you guys.

Besides,I also got a FREE CALL ALL DAY from Maxis.Just now,I managed to call a lot of old friends to wish them 'Selamat Hari Raya!'.It's really good to know their recent lives,even through phonecall.

Sorry if you think I'm a little bit overreacted.Yes,I am! I'm so happy right now.I never experienced Hari Jadi and Hari Raya at the same time! It's like a package! So,this is my first time.

Saya, Muhammad Khalis selaku penulis blog Mindbuggling ini ingin menyusun sepuluh jari memohon maaf jika karangan saya yang telah membuatkan anda tersinggung dan terasa hati.Segala salah dan silap harap diampunkan.

Salam Aidilfitri.


Sep 6, 2010

My recent mood - So happy I could just die!!!

I feel like I'm ignoring my blog lately.I'm so sorry,I just returned home from Segamat,Johor.The day was finally came.The day that I have waited for so long before.I'm so excited! I want to do this,I want to do that! So much things needed to be done,I feel alive,once again! Exhaustion is not a matter at all of course!

Johor - place where nothing is good when anything about it came out from my mouth.Actually,I used to love the place before.When I was 8,I once lived with my aunt in Johor Bahru.To tell the truth,I was so in love with it because I felt like I was in Taiwan!

I mean,most of the neighbours were Chinese,with fat ugly dogs everywhere,malls nearby only take five-minutes walk,a lot of big houses and huge buildings.I just can't forget the daily scenery there even it already happened nearly a decade ago.

Time runs fast.Everything's changing,slowly and dramatically.I have never been to Johor since then.Therefore,I can say that Johor Bahru is the only place of Johor where I have stepped onto it's land.Besides,I also wished I could go to Johor again,someday!

Yeah,someday is today!

But once I was accepted to enter UiTM Johor,it clearly change my minds and thoughts.The sweet and lovely memories of Johor are keep fading away,every single day,maybe it was erased by my thick hateness towards my recent place.Every night,I hope that all of this are just a dream,a terrifying nightmare.

Damn,I hope I can turn back the time! Whatever it takes,I have to end this crap! Calm down,two years more to go!

Sep 2, 2010

Hayley Williams,I guess we were not meant to be for each other..

I want to watch Gerard Way! Failed.

I want to watch Bill Kaulitz! Failed also.

I want to watch Katy Perry!!!!! Failed again?

A friend of mine told me that Paramore will come to Malaysia.I knew it! Surprisingly,what I knew just now was a little bit frustrating! - The concert will be held on this 19th October,it is weekday,I have to go to my classes! I could just curse like there is no tomorrow seriously!

To tell the truth,I'm not a huge fan of Paramore,so as Hayley Williams at the beginning,I mean in the Riot era.That's why I don't get it why people love Hayley so much.I mean,she's not as beautiful as ancient Greek goddess,she didn't write songs,her voice is a little bit typical and her hair is ugly.
Paramore,I just adore their music when Brand New Eyes came out! Reminds me of old Simple Plan's songs,it rip your chest,straight to your heart.They really can produce a real music,a simply great song.I personally in love with a lot of their songs especially Brick By Boring Brick!

Haiyaaaaa,tickets aren't so expensive afterall,it's only RM95! I hope I can see them,live!

p/s : Lately,I just can't stop singing Airplanes!