Jun 22, 2012


It's not a nightmare.It's a really beautiful dream have I ever had.A really inspiring and motivating one.So unusual for me.You know,I have been dreaming about this three times already in these couple of months.

I dreamed about I'm leaving for Umrah.

Ya Allah.What does that means anyway? After having the dream,I don't know,I just wanted to go Umrah so so so bad.I better start collecting money from now on! I'm afraid that I won't make it in time.That feelings always overwhelmed my mind lately.

How many of you have went there before? If you don't mind,please share the experiences with me here.

Jun 10, 2012


Do you like doughnuts? Sorry to say but who doesn't anyway,must have really bad taste buds.I mean like,how could you resist something so mouth-watering?

Dunkin Donut.
It used to be famous long time ago,right? I just think people got no options,since everyone knew it was a top-leading doughnut shop a decade ago.Let's just admit that Dunkin Donut really sucks.I wonder if the dough have a concrete mixture inside,because it's so chewy and tough.It's like you're chewing a bubblegum! It doesn't look fresh,hey it's not fresh and the flavors are so common as well.I mean like,blueberry and strawberry jam? Come on!Seriously,it tastes more like a bread than a doughnut.

Big Apple
I used to think all doughnuts suck,after I've had Dunkin.However,Big Apple really made me change my perception.The dough is tastier and softer.The toppings are really good.The fillings are from variety of flavors.It's fresh from the oven,because I once got a friend who worked there,she told me they will threw all the left doughnuts when they're closing the store and baked the new ones the next morning.

J.Co Donut
Probably the most successful Indonesian company I should say.People just love J.Co,right? No big differences,just same with Big Apple,only with more fans,or should I say stronger fanbase? Hahaha.No heart feelings,but J.Co usually pretty generous with the toppings and fillings,a little too sweet for me.

I vote for Big Apple! Ehem,I support Malaysian product.What about you? Laaaa...I forgot to letak Krispy Kreme!

Jun 7, 2012


I saw you in the morning when I was up to the class.It was Monday.You looked so pretty in Baju Kurung,with your smiling eyes,your charming smile and your wavy hair.Suddenly,wind blew straight to my face,and I believed that was one of falling in love symptom.That was the most beautiful morning have I ever had.Guess again,it's Monday! I was so lucky.

At the night,we were walking together.I was figuring out what on the Earth should I say to make up a perfect proposal line? Tired of thinking.Inhaled some fresh air.Suck it up.Then,I was whispering to your ears...

"Do you want to be my girlfriend? Kalau YA,angguk kepala...Kalau TAK,tolong menari"

Then,you answered YES.After that night,my life changed drastically.You know,this is my longest relationship with a girl since I was a loser in love before! Enough is enough.I'm about to make people vomiting by my love story,right?

So,today we went to Ikea and The Curve,Damansara.No gifts.No cakes.No celebration.We kept it cool,instead.We did nothing,just enjoyed our moments together.Firstly,we went to have our lunch at Ikea.

Here she is.Muka lapar tak boleh sorok..

Yeah,so common.I've ordered this tiny little 'bakso'.Carnivore mood was on!

And what is this.I forgot the name already.Chicken Breast with bla bla and bla bla.

After that,we took a walk around The Curve and have a drink here in Garden.I was a first-timer here.I must say the place was spectacular,suitable for lovebirds like us.*Muntah

He used to be a cracked egg.

But she made him a golden one!

One day,if I really becoming an author.I should name my first novel - The Tales of Playful Wind and Beautiful Rainbow.Make sure you go buy one,hihihi.

Hihihi.Sorry for only several pictures of us.I do think I should keep the rest for myself.(Ehem ehem..bajet artis pulak) Overall,I've had a blast.We've had a blast.Oh my Rainbow,I will give you something once we reach UiTM next week! Can't wait! Happy 365 Days!

Hey people,you know what's the best feeling? It is when you finally found something worth fighting for.

Jun 4, 2012


When BlackBerry once hit the market,I immediately bought a new BlackBerry 8520.I have been a very huge fan of BlackBerry smartphone,I even consider it as the unbeatable human invention.However,that doesn't even last for five months since I found BlackBerry is soooooo boring and soooooooo fragile.You've got what I mean,didn't you?

Not long after that,Android phones conquered the market.I immediately bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S.I was so happy that I just bought an iPhone killer! I updated frequently and downloaded everything from Android Market.Hmmm,not long after that,I really wanted to see myself using Samsung Galaxy S2,Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7,HTC One X,Motorola Droid RAZR and even a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900!

Unfortunately,I don't know what's got into my body these past few months.I have lost interests towards social networks or Internet life since I have deleted my Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and Foursquare.I don't see any relevance of I'm using any smartphones without all that stuffs.In short,I don't need a smartphone! I don't mind if I get that 'disconnected feeling' or people going to look at me like 'super-outdated kid'.

Yesterday,my father just bought this phone for me.I was like....Damn,I was dying to see myself using this phone before,but right now,I don't feel anything.So,I asked him to give the phone to my mother.

Kenapa dengan aku ni? Entahlah.Walaupun macam pelik,sebenarnya aku sangat bahagia sekarang.Kalau dulu,semua benda aku nak.Tapi sekarang,aku hanya mampu berkata "Lantak lah"...

Help me! Do you guys know what kind of disease I'm suffering from?