Jun 10, 2012


Do you like doughnuts? Sorry to say but who doesn't anyway,must have really bad taste buds.I mean like,how could you resist something so mouth-watering?

Dunkin Donut.
It used to be famous long time ago,right? I just think people got no options,since everyone knew it was a top-leading doughnut shop a decade ago.Let's just admit that Dunkin Donut really sucks.I wonder if the dough have a concrete mixture inside,because it's so chewy and tough.It's like you're chewing a bubblegum! It doesn't look fresh,hey it's not fresh and the flavors are so common as well.I mean like,blueberry and strawberry jam? Come on!Seriously,it tastes more like a bread than a doughnut.

Big Apple
I used to think all doughnuts suck,after I've had Dunkin.However,Big Apple really made me change my perception.The dough is tastier and softer.The toppings are really good.The fillings are from variety of flavors.It's fresh from the oven,because I once got a friend who worked there,she told me they will threw all the left doughnuts when they're closing the store and baked the new ones the next morning.

J.Co Donut
Probably the most successful Indonesian company I should say.People just love J.Co,right? No big differences,just same with Big Apple,only with more fans,or should I say stronger fanbase? Hahaha.No heart feelings,but J.Co usually pretty generous with the toppings and fillings,a little too sweet for me.

I vote for Big Apple! Ehem,I support Malaysian product.What about you? Laaaa...I forgot to letak Krispy Kreme!


Amalina said...

i'm sure u'll change ur perception bout dunkin donut after eating dd preheat donut.just ask them to preheat the donut before u eat it..it taste great lagi-lagi kalau dd donut yg peanut butter jelly.

serius, try.suruh preheat dulu..donut tu jadi lembut..

Kehoe Cheong said...

The reason why you must preheat it? Because it is already 3 days old...

Amalina said...


Kehoe Cheong said...

Zzzzz? Cool.

My friend worked there,he said DD will kept the left doughnut for 3 days.I won't pay RM3 for something that ain't fresh at all,especially when there's got another selections.

Mya Ahmad said...

Big Apple for the win. (Y) Anyway Khalis, i miss your tweets!

Kehoe Cheong said...

Mya Ahmad.Really? Seriously I do think I don't deserve to be missed by anyone in this world :(

Thank you friend!

nahunabila said...

yeah! i totally love big apple than dunkin. DD is sucks. haha

Cicie said...

hello Kehoe Cheong, my name xia yi mei, i need your permision using your big apple photo into my blog, it look like alive in that photo. may i use it?? i'll credit the potho using your blog into my post where i got this photo. if i can use it please email me at pinkosweet@gmail.com. thank you my friend