Jul 20, 2015


Hi. I just finished my industrial training in PETRONAS last few weeks. Yeah, I kinda miss the place right now, seriously. Time flies like really really really fast. Damn, the first time I wrote this blog is when I was about to sit for SPM and now I am done with my degree already!

OK, cut the crap. Let me get this shit straight. I saw a lot of friends who have been busy preparing themselves for internship/practical training/industrial training. You might agree or disagree with what I'm about to say but I don't really care,period. Ain't nobody got time to be a hero or a fucking saint here, my advises are free, take it or leave it. Based on my five-months experience and observation, I have studied about what you should and shouldn't do.

Let's just start what you should do

Greet your colleagues with "Hi, good morning!" 
You should try to greet all of the staffs with a simple good morning, every single day. It is a very good starting for the day, seriously. I have tried it and it worked really well. Trust me, they will greet you back and if you're lucky, you will get a wink! Remember, it has to be you who started it first. 

Be nice to everyone.
As cliche' as it sounds, it is dropdead important for you to be as friendly as you can with all the staffs, including the tea ladies and the cleaners. Get bubbly a bit, smile a lot. Who knows your smile could light up someone's day. Besides, it is important for you to build your own networking starting from your internship days, so, be nice! 

Never say never to any task given.
You will encounter shitloads of new things in life, including tasks that you never knew about. You will be like, "Apa benda ni sial?" Do not say no to every task you have been assigned for. Be a Yesman for once in your life. Be it making 1 billion dollar business deal proposal or scanning your boss's MC, shut up and just do it. If it is way difficult, it is better to take your time and ask for guidance. 

What about the things you should not do?

Cocky son of a bitch
We all know that you are in top-rated sector such as oil & gas companies or banking institutions. We all know you are proud of yourself got accepted there. It's like, who doesn't? Good for you. But, being too proud of yourself is a bit nonsense. Checking in and out every single morning, telling the universe how lucky you are when your big boss is treating you nasi goreng, updating your Day 1, 2, 3 publicly like fuck, your university provide you an internship daily journal, update it there! Remember, you are just an intern, a fucking underpaid temporary staff!

Yenta is a Hebrew word for suka semak hal orang. Politics in workplace is a common thing where backstabbing, condemning and provoking take their places. Don't ever involve yourself in whatever conflicts and issues that happened between two or more parties. It's better for you to take no side. Sometimes, they just want to let it out and it's good if you can be a good listener for once.You just got there, you don't even know those people entirely. So, it's better if you be a neutralist.

Tweet, tweet &  tweet
To me, the stupidest act I have ever seen would be tweeting mad shits about whatever that is related to your job and company. That is just way too low life, man. I mean, you're like 23, 24 something and that's the way you address your dissatisfaction? By tweeting? Don't maki your boss kat twitter over internal matter.. pegi cari kawan, lepak mamak, then bitch about your boss sampai pagi. Don't tweet. Kenapa nak suruh semua orang tahu? 

That's all from me, people. I hope I can share a lot of other tips but unfortunately five months is a very very very short period. If you have any other tips to share, please drop it on the comment section below this post, so everyone could benefit from it as well. To those interns, all the best in undergoing your internship days!