Jun 13, 2009

The 100 things I want it happen

  1. Get school done.
  2. Find a bestfriend.
  3. Sleep.
  4. Go to bed earlier.
  5. Move on.
  6. Pray harder.
  7. Be a skinny guy.
  8. Lose 20 pounds.
  9. Get taller.
  10. Grateful.
  11. Eat more vegetables.
  12. Less f-words.
  13. Less envy.
  14. Meet Kate Moss.
  15. Meet Johnny Depp and hug him.
  16. Strong.
  17. Listen.
  18. Study.
  19. Recycle.
  20. Get at least C for my Maths
  21. Pass my Add Maths.
  22. Get a driving license.
  23. Get my own Mini Cooper.
  24. Kiss my girlfriend.I hope I have one.
  25. Meet new people everyday.
  26. Healthy lifestyle.
  27. Stop smoking.
  28. No alcohol.
  29. No drug.
  30. Free-pimples
  31. Learn guitar.
  32. Learn piano.
  33. Have my own MySpace Music.
  34. Talk to old friend.
  35. Play Pokemon on a Gameboy.
  36. Get a braces.
  37. Get an Action Sampler.
  38. Get a Fish-Eye.
  39. Get a Nikon D80.
  40. A pair of sneaker.
  41. Mother nature.
  42. Plant a tree.
  43. Against gays and lesbians.
  44. Hyper-imaginative.
  45. Go to college.
  46. Go to law school.
  47. Visit Japan.
  48. Visit Israel.
  49. Learn Japanese.
  50. Learn Hebrew.
  51. Live in Sweden.
  52. Married and have 7 kids.
  53. Honeymoon in Virginia or New Jersey.
  54. Touch a polar bear or the grizzly one.
  55. Posses self confidence.
  56. Let bygones be bygones.
  57. Forgive.
  58. Repent.
  59. Back to the past.
  60. Go to Digimon's world.
  61. Speak English fluently.
  62. Have my own YouTube channel.
  63. Have my own Flickr.
  64. Learn Photoshop.
  65. Travel and take photos.
  66. Send my parents to Haji.
  67. Silent.When my mom is shout madly at me.
  68. Liverpool.
  69. Go to hell Barcelona.You're a loser.
  70. Less online.
  71. Have a good studygroup.
  72. Take a painting class.
  73. Study business.
  74. Be a good lawyer.
  75. Learn haircutting and hairstyling.
  76. Part-time job at Starbucks.
  77. Or maybe Baskin Robbins.
  78. I want Ben & Jerry.
  79. Own a pool.
  80. Laugh a lot.
  81. Fuck off poseur.
  82. Kill all the Jews.
  83. Support Arabs.
  84. Less fake.
  85. Less day-dreaming.
  86. Buy dozens of t-shirt.
  87. Of course,a lot of jeans.
  88. A shoulder to cry on.
  89. Fillet o' fish everyday.
  90. Don't cut my hair!
  91. Have a pet goldfish.A couple would be better.
  92. A Gameboy SP.
  93. A Nintendo DS.
  94. Write a book and have it published.
  95. Write a drama.
  96. Spent whole day reading at Kinokuniya.
  97. Broadcasting.
  98. I love Malaysia.
  99. Be a better man.
  100. Be truth to what I say.

Jun 6, 2009

Boredom,I hate the word

My little cousins came over.They're little monster!

So,I decided to captured some photos near my house with Esya.Well,Esya is a great friend of mine.We do a lot of stupid things together.But,she's really stupid.She's an abnormal.

We share a lot!From foods to clothes!

Jun 2, 2009

Sushi vs Fillet O Fish

Time is running faster.It's June already.What day is today?Tuesday isn't it.I and Esya went to Sushi King at Kajang.I don't know why I want to eat sushi so damn!Seriously,I've never been to Sushi King before.Pathetic right?The only sushi have I ever ate is,we used to call it sushi Tesco.Hahaha.

I've watched many Japanese movie,the favourite part is when they eat!It was so delighting.Even a simple sticky riceball can make my stomach turning upside down.

But,when I ate the sushi,it tasted not great as I thought.That's it.Sushi vs Fillet o Fish?Are you comparing Liverpool with Kelantan?

There's no competition at all.Fillet O Fish is the winner!