Jun 2, 2009

Sushi vs Fillet O Fish

Time is running faster.It's June already.What day is today?Tuesday isn't it.I and Esya went to Sushi King at Kajang.I don't know why I want to eat sushi so damn!Seriously,I've never been to Sushi King before.Pathetic right?The only sushi have I ever ate is,we used to call it sushi Tesco.Hahaha.

I've watched many Japanese movie,the favourite part is when they eat!It was so delighting.Even a simple sticky riceball can make my stomach turning upside down.

But,when I ate the sushi,it tasted not great as I thought.That's it.Sushi vs Fillet o Fish?Are you comparing Liverpool with Kelantan?

There's no competition at all.Fillet O Fish is the winner!


Fadhullah Muqri Izz Hasib said...

What ? It taste hundred times better than a cheap burger . BOOOOOOOO :D

Muhammad Khalis said...

No,you know 'pulut panggang'...so much taste sushi-like...