Oct 31, 2011


Do you know that Kim Kardashian is divorced? She has filed a divorce after just 72 days marriage to Kris Humphries.Do you know that the marriage cost about USD 18 million? It lasted for only a couple of month? What a waste,if only they donate it to needy one,would it be nice?

This makes me wonder,are they're being real? Whether you like it or not,the Kardashian family is the most overrated family in the world,they're being so dramatic and pathetic at the same time.Cheers for that.Keeping Up With The Kardashian is hilarious.Then,came The Kardashian which is okay.Then,came Khloe & Kourtney Take Miami,which is typically boring.Then,came Kim & Kourtney Take New York which is a brilliant bullshit.Then,came Khloe & Lamar which is I-am-so-done-with-it!

I think Kim's Fairytale Wedding is just another media strategies to maximize their profit.Actually,I don't get it why people love them so much? Especially Kim,Khloe and Kourtney? What did they do? They didn't do anything instead of cursing their own mother.They are being famous for nothing.

Poor you Kim K,you failed as a wife so many times.Wait a minutes,what is longer than your wedding? The answer is my penis.

Oct 27, 2011


Hey guys.

Do you love watching Indonesian sinetron? If you ask me,surprisingly my answer would be yes! I used to hate whatever dramas or movies produced by that country because of you-know-why reasons.Should I elaborate? You know better.

My mother is not a big fan of television,don't ask me why.She loves to do everything but watching television.However,a couple of years ago,things suddenly changed! Weekdays at 6pm,she tuned on Astro Ria to watch sinetron.I was like,what in the world is wrong with my mother? So,I watched the sinetron too,with her.I remember our first sinetron was Cinta Kirana.

Please,I found that the story was a brilliant bullshit,packed with irrelevant scenes and non-logical acts.It was a never-ending stupidity.But things were completely different in my mother's eyes.She loved it,so much.To see her so interested with that kind of things,as she smiled,laughed and cried for it,made me felt so happy because she never look like this since 2004's Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas,a Filipino drama.

Nowadays,I watched them with my mother.I found that this mother-son activity really made our relationship stronger than ever.Sinetron is no longer something weird for me to watch,yet it is quite stupid but hey,why don't you try to give a shot? Currently,I'm watching Dewi,because Rianti Cartwright was on it! She's so cute!

Sinetron.Kalau yang jahat,memang jahat betul,kalah segala syaitan Yahudi laknat semua.Tapi,kalau yang baik,memang terkena debu sikit pun boleh nangis,punyalah suci,rapuh dan tak bersalah.

Ahh,pokoknya gw nggak peduli.Ya iyalah,janji hati seneng,nggak ngerepotin gw aja udah cukup.Bokapnya gw juga happy-happy gitu...

Oct 24, 2011


I just viewed a link,shared by a friend of mine.It was a video,titled Perempuan Gaduh di Kedai Kasut.Well,as usual,it was a bitch-fighting,nagging,yelling,slapping and it was boring actually.What impressed me the most is the comments about the video.

Yes,comments.There are thousands of them for sure.Almost 99% of the comments said something sounds like,'bodoh punya betina,pasal jantan pun nak gaduh,buat malu kaum hawa je. and 'Buat apa nak gaduh? Kalau nak batang sangat,sini hisap kote aku'.I admit,it was stupid.But do we really have to say such things to the person we don't even know? I'm not trying to be like an angel here but please imagine or put yourself in this situation -

You're walking alone in Tesco,searching for some groceries.Then,an unknown came into you and he/she suddenly saying things to you,and punch you in the face in the middle of crowd.What will you do? Standing there doing nothing like a dog? Or fighting back?

This is one of many examples.You don't know what is happening but you dare to insult? Why being such a judgemental? Swear to Lord,I'm not fucking defending all of those bitches who fight their asses off,I think they are being such an extreme bullshit instead,but I believe asking people to stop judging is similar to asking people to stop eating,they will never stop! The real one you should insult is the one who recorded all of the scenes,I mean like,what are they trying to do? Well,that is a real definition of public humiliation shame!

Sorry,if it was me,my fucking feet will immediately going down to their fucking throat.Hell to the people around,as long as I managed to smack them down.Let me finish the one that punched my face first,then I will go for the one who uploaded the video.

Oct 20, 2011


Why do you people think French accent is sexy? There is too many vibration pitch,which I think it makes your throat itch.Well,I don't know,maybe media plays a main role when they signified French is a language of love as Romeo and Juliet themselves are French!

I do think that people talk with Russian accent is a major turn on! It's sexy,way more sexier than French I guess.The way they pronounce every word is cute,it sounds continuous with the frequent usage of letter 'V' but that is where the sexiness takes part.

I really have no idea where the hell of this kind of sexy language thing came from,does it really matters anyway? I think because this girl below.

Katarzyna Dolinska
By saying her name,you can tell how super-sexy she is and how mighty-sexy her accent would be.

Oct 17, 2011


Girls.I realized one thing about them lately.I finally know not all of them really care about having a physically perfect boyfriend.

Perfect? Well,perfect is mainly about all of the dazzling elements that can impress everyone.Maybe we can say that it depends on individual since those criteria usually made by personal interest as different people come up with different thought but the real thing is perfection isn't as too different from what is used to be in girl's mind.

What is it? I can say most girls want a guy that have adorable face,six-packs abs,muscular body,170++cm tall and so many other common things that are so correctly expected by humans.Why girls love Robert Pattinson? Ashton Kutcher? Chace Crawford? Tyson Ritter? Do you really need to know why?

However,not all of the girls demand a hunky boyfriend in the first place.My perception towards girls only want a best looking boyfriend had already change since I stepped into university,where I met a lot of girls and asked them,what is the first thing you look from a guy? I can say that 7/10 of them answered personality.What? I thought being handsome is everything!

I even asked my girlfriend,

Me : What is the first thing about me that attracts you?
Rainbow : Your personality.Your look comes in second,where I consider it as bonus.
Me : Look? So,do you really think that I've got a look? Fuck,finally!
Rainbow : T_T

Guys believe what they see but girls believe what they hear.
Nothing is as true as this.

Oct 9, 2011



I know I might be too late to post about this but no one gives a shit that much,right? It's my semester break! I just arrived home from the campus with a couple of friends.On the way,one of them were turning on the radio and guess what,the song Someone Like You was on the air.

Here's the truth,I used to be an ignorant of her presence before.I was like,what's so special about her? She looks like a lazy plus-sized woman.Besides,seeing her just sitting on the chair,in Rolling In The Deep kind of make me said,move bitch move,shake that thing! Oh,I forgot,she didn't have curves like today's artists.She had a nice voice and that's all.

Until I heard the song in the car.At that moment,I thought to myself,why so many people love her? So,I tried to listen to Someone Like You for the very first time.I closed my eyes and three minutes after that,I am one of her fans.Do you really need reason why? I don't think so.

Now I know the relevance of Adele fever!

Can you believe she's 23? Damn,I thought she was 43!

Oct 2, 2011


Eventhough I know, and I believe,that nothing lasts forever and all people have to deal with it,I am still struggling to understand the process of human seperation.Yes,we could meet someday, but everything's changing that time.That is the only thing I'm afraid of. Okay, if they say don't think about what will happen next, just live your life to the fullest in present, motherfuck, it ends the same!

How could I forget someone like you? You have came into my everyday life, put a smile in my face, made me laugh like there's no tomorrow and then now you're leaving? What do you expect me to feel? God, I hate dealing with consequences!

We came, we met, we left, we moved on and finally we forgot. I hate saying goodbye. Please,I'm not being dramatic. I don't get influenced by hypocritically bullshit movies or stuffs because this is so real. However, I feel so lucky, to have known those people who made goodbye so hard to say to.

I take friendship seriously.I hate getting closely attached to people because I don't want to get hurt in the end.