Jan 16, 2013


Seriously,I'm not so pleased by all those classy and fancy smells.In fact,I'm not so into fragrance shopping. I once followed my mother to Sogo. My mother loves Sogo since got SALE every month there! That time,she bought a perfume.She even asked me to pick mine.I don't know how the fuck all of them smell,like Bvlgari,Hugo Boss,Versace,Burberry,Calvin Klein,Emporio Armani.After an hour of wandering around,I decided not to buy any.

Instead of spending (or in my dictionary it can be replaced by wasting) hundred bucks to not to be stinky,I rather go easy.Actually,I'm very comfortable with this.

Carrie Junior Powder.This is powder.I use this from like,three or four years ago.I applied it to all over my body.Damn,the smell is really good,no wonder people like to hug me hahahaha! In fact,I get a lot of

 "Eeee bau kau macam baby lah!"