May 27, 2011


One of my friend have created a page called Stop Torturing,Hurting Living Things.At first,I thought it was a spam page or something like that.You know,there are so many people out there who are so desperate for having their own Facebook fanpage,right? But I was clearly mistaken,the page contains messages and encouragements to stop violence against living things.

Just because we are human,it doesn't mean that we can do anything to other living things.You want me to give you examples? I'm tired of seeing people being cruel to animal seriously.If you're looking for an enjoyment,that is not the way.Stop being inconsiderate,bastard! Why do you need to do that?
  1. Put a goldfish inside a blender and turn on the switch.
  2. Step onto a kitten's head by wearing high heels until its head turned into like something got eaten by zombies.
  3. Kill a kitten by umbrella in front of CCTV.
  4. Throw a rabbit to the wall until the rabbit itself make up sound.You know rabbit doesn't make any sound at all,right? Unless,if it feels very hurt.
In case of that reason,I kind of salute the creator of the page.To be frank,I was literally amazed by her sensitivity towards violence against living things.Besides,I am a huge fan of Animal Planet! I love all of my cats so much! Only death going to seperate me from my Tommy,Tommy Jr.,G-Dragon,Komodo and Patamon!

This is me and G-Dragon!

May 26, 2011


Hello friends.

First of all,I just want to tell you that I'm not in a good mood.Why? Okay,I just viewed several heartless videos made by teenagers of our beloved country.I was a little bit shocked! Who doesn't? To see young girls bullying and fighting,then posting videos on YouTube makes you wonder how could they did such things.
This is bullshit.Completely bullshit.This have been in Chinese newspaper headlines like more than 10 times I guess.That's mean it was a really big issue.It's really saddening to watch the bullied girl.She was crying like a cow but no one lend even a hand for help? Besides,they were also cut her hair off! How it feels like,when someone punch and slap you in the face,then they cut your hair off? I wish I could send the bullied girl to WWE for training,so she could just Powerbomb those sluts!

This is asshole.Alright,I got it if the girl was caught stealing but that doesn't mean they can kick her head over and over again.Head is the most sensitive part of human physical,just kick her ass would be enough.Please act nicely lah girls,she's one of your kind also what.

This is normal.You know what I mean right? Bitchfighting afterschool is used to be something common in my school back then.But,they should know that violence ain't going to solve anything,it is only adding continuing elements of dissatisfaction towards each others.I wonder if fighting is still relevant since girls were trying so hard to be like Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl nowadays.Ohh,those bitches didn't watch tv! They were busy having sex with their boyfriends on motorcycles!

Where is your sense of humanity? What is your right to hurt other people? Where did you learned all this from? Have your mother teaches you nothing? Did your father fed you with dog's shit? Imagine if someone would do the same thing to you,and that time please don't ever ask why!

I wish I could prevent all this from happened.Please somebody,make it stop.It's not cool okay! I know it is not my problem but aren't you guys own a heart? I was so worried to see youngsters these days since I have two sisters who are still high school.Try to touch them,if you want my feet get down to your throat!

May 24, 2011


I am so happy right now.It's true that my result,as you can see above is not something that will amaze everyone but I didn't expect my result going to be like this since I screwed most of my papers during final examination.I thought I will get not more than 2.5 or something like that but I managed to get beyond.

I'm so thankful to Allah.Even if my pointer drops,I don't give a damn much about it.Well,life is not going to treat you well all the time,right? Sometimes,you must know how it feels like to be in bottom if you want to go to the top.

This is just a beginning.There are three semesters more need to be settled down.Past is past and there's nothing we can do about it,future ahead is more crucial.Next semester,I will work my ass off to get back my long lost Deen List! I want it so bad right now,I promise you a comeback,the huge one!

p/s : Do you want to know why I'm in a good mood? Yes,I passed JPJ driving test,I'm so going to get my license by next week.Seriously,some of 'them' need to learn manners.

May 21, 2011


My mother always told me that we must forgive someone if they done something really bad to you.Sometimes,human did mistakes here and there.The bottom line is nobody's really close to any perfection materials for sure.

Now,I don't find forgiving is a hard thing to do.All you've got to do is close your eyes,suck your hatred up as you breath in and you'll be fine after that.When it comes to enemies,just forgive them because nothing annoys them so much actually.

But some people were really make me pissed off so bad.I'm not looking for any chances or opportunities to heal the relationship at all.I don't hate them,I'm just too shy to admit their presences in my life.Forgiveness is good but sometimes it is so much better if we just leave the glass broken rather than to hurt yourself putting it together again.

Forgive your enemy,but don't ever forget their names.-John F.Kennedy

May 18, 2011


I don't see smoking as the way to commit suicide like certain people does.

I don't see any relevance when people started to create a gap between smoker and non-smoker.Some people just have to stop condemning and ditching others for thinking that smoking is therapeutic because it really works for some of them actually.Everyone has their own way to live their life.So,why have to express hatred and discriminate? You have to be well-informed that nobody's perfect physically and mentally.

I admit,I'm not ready yet to moving on into healthier lifestyle because I do think I lead one right now.Someday,if my girlfriend want to leave me only because I am a smoker,I just have to let her go.I don't see any solution if she's acting like a Queen in the early stage because I'm not the type of guy who was sent to this world to please a girl's ass.You don't have to love me if you understand me.

Some of you,especially girls might find this post is very insensitive and offensive but I'm stressing the element of an actual respect here.Smoked a cigarette and being labelled as a bad boy,I've had it enough.OMG,some people should just STFU and MYOB!

May 15, 2011


After my love life turned out to be the shittiest thing ever,I was a little bit afraid.Yes,I'm afraid if history will repeat itself.Apparently,I don't want to go through the same pattern of sufferings all over again,I'm tired.It's sickening when in your mind,you're just about want to kill someone really bad.

I know it's better for me to move on,find other girls and making out some but I am not that type of guy seriously.Flirtations and sexual intercourses are so not my things.Well,all I can say is I might look like naive,but I'm just nice and stupid actually.

That's the bloody why I was so upset when the someone I loved turned out into something they said they would never be.All I need is honesty and you don't have to lie a thing about it because you might look like a shmuck when I found out the truth.

Grudge and revenge are wasteful acts.Every dog has its day but don't forget what goes around comes around.However,when it comes to this,all we need is patience,right?

Finally,I think I am completely ready for a new relationship! Never get such feeling before,I managed to free myself from my worstest nightmare! YEAY!

By the way,in case if you don't know,shmuck means dickhead in Hebrew.I learned it from The Nanny.

May 13, 2011


Firstly,I thought it was a stereotypical American teenage drama.You know,where you can see quaterback player dating prom queen,bitchfight,backstabbing and sex in the toilet scenes.I wonder why it became an instant sensation in United States since 2009.Then,I started to watch it and finally I've got the answer.Yes,it is phenomenal! It is nothing like The OC,One Tree Hill or The Secret Life of American Teenager.It is way more realistic.

Not just the songs,but the plot and storyline were told perfectly,in an exciting way! Okay,some of you might getting bored of the spotlight seeker like Will Shuester or motherfucking wicked Sue Sylvester or maybe an extremely annoying human being like Rachel Berry,but I'm pretty sure that Glee is more than that,right?

Starred by variety of characters might be Glee's strength.There are so many interesting people on Glee,right? They got diva Mercedes,wheelchair worrior Artie,sexy Santana,Sam which is the Angelina Jolie guy,gay Kurt and his Werblers gayfriends and so much more.If you ask me,which one is my favorite character,I would say....

She's not a main stars of the Glee obviously,she played only a small role but I really like her.She's sexy,beautiful and dropdead stupid.If you're watching,you might know how stupid she is.I love the Britney Spears episodes where Brittany got the spotlight as she sang all the Britney's top hit songs! She nailed it all,especially I'm A Slave 4 U.Besides,I don't know that she's freaking talented when it comes to dancing,she really can move and shake that thang!

I used to adore Quinn actually,it's just Brittany caught my eyes more.She kind of reminds me of Psyduck,you know who he is?

May 4, 2011


I heard it! The call is asking me to lose some weight and gain some muscles.

Exercise,I need to exercise! Working out might be the coolest routine to do for this moment since I have got nothing to do instead of sleeping.I'm going to do it on this entire holiday.I bet you,nothing is more serious than this!

The picture was taken last night.I'm fat enough,right?


I love semester break.I love a long period holiday,the longer the better! I discovered my unknown interests on every semester break.Last time,I was addicted to Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk.This time is the moment for Rocky.

I'm having a little serious addiction towards this stuff lately.I don't know what's wrong,but I think it tastes really good.I bought it every morning after I went to jogging.When I put it onto my mouth and slowly chew them,as I close my eyes,I can feel like I'm in an autumn day! So peaceful,lovely,yet too dramatic to describe.

It doesn't cost me much either,only RM1.70 at Pasar Mini Zak nearby.I prefer strawberry flavor actually,but chocolate is irresistible,we all know that,right?

May 2, 2011


Holiday arrived finally,after a quite long and torturing examination week.I feel blessed.I don't know what to do and I like this kind of feeling.I'm starting to plan what kind of activities should I do.
  1. Meeting old friends.
  2. Playing poker until morning.
  3. Learning how to be an expert on Dota.
  4. Yeah.I'm going to finish Plant vs Zombie,and also Angry Bird.
  5. Climbing up way on the top of Broga Hill,I wonder what's so great about it.
  6. Go travelling somewhere.
  7. Working out and get a body like Sam Evans!
  8. Finding true love.Ridiculous.
  9. Driving license.Oh,I haven't finished yet.
  10. Working.
Number 10 is the most crucial.I need to find a job.I need to buy a new cellphone and a Nintendo DS.I'm going to find it tomorrow! Well,it's all about the money,money,money.Jessi J should know it better.