May 21, 2011


My mother always told me that we must forgive someone if they done something really bad to you.Sometimes,human did mistakes here and there.The bottom line is nobody's really close to any perfection materials for sure.

Now,I don't find forgiving is a hard thing to do.All you've got to do is close your eyes,suck your hatred up as you breath in and you'll be fine after that.When it comes to enemies,just forgive them because nothing annoys them so much actually.

But some people were really make me pissed off so bad.I'm not looking for any chances or opportunities to heal the relationship at all.I don't hate them,I'm just too shy to admit their presences in my life.Forgiveness is good but sometimes it is so much better if we just leave the glass broken rather than to hurt yourself putting it together again.

Forgive your enemy,but don't ever forget their names.-John F.Kennedy


AimanAriffin said...

lol. true that. just put everything in a box. add wings to it. and let it fly!

Ahmad Luqman said...

it's a matter of time. my view is if we intend to forgive, we just have to ignore and go with the flow until we can finally forget everything, and when it comes back to our mind, we won't see it as a major thing anymore, hence motivating forgiveness :-) btw I'm starting to like Brittany too lol. can't get over that moron.

Kehoe Cheong said...

AimanAriffin.Yes,but it requires your strength to build the wings.

Ahmad Luqman.Time will tell everything someday.It's really magical,on how nature works.Shit happened,you sad,you moved on,you forget and finally you forgive.

I've told you,right? Brittany should get more solos.I'm sick of Rachel and Marcedes.