Jul 29, 2014


I have been here twice already. Both on Ramadhan but different years. Do you know Capriciosa? For those who do not know, Capriciosa is an Italian restaurant that is situated in the ground floor of Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. If I wasn't mistaken, the restaurant replaced Chilli's area that stop operated past few years ago.

Capriciosa is just a normal city restaurant. I'm refering to the crowded situation inside Pavilion where it is not suitable for you who are hoping for a quiet candle-light dinner on the lakeside kind of restaurant. I'm talking about the food here! 

Well as you can see from their menu, it is all about Italian food. Sigh. It is an Italian restaurant obviously.

This is my second time here and this is my second time ordering the same pizza. I can't recall the name but it is pizza that is made up from four different kinds of cheese! For a cheese-maniac like me, this is a masterpiece. Hihihi, I know it looks like Roti Nan, but trust me it tastes better than it looks!

It is a dinner for two. To cut off the budget, we had a set for two people. Again, I can't recall the name but there are Garlic Spaghetti, Blackpapper Chicken Breast, Roasted Salmon, Grilled Meatball with some fruits and vegetables. They are so delicious!   

She is so cute! 

All in all, it is a very good restaurant. Highly recommended for those who are so into pizzas or Italian food. I'm starting to post more stuff like this on my blog.