Feb 27, 2011


You hit your little toe against a table.

At age 7 : Ohhhh oww!
At age 10 : Ahhhh bodoh tau meja ni
At age 13 : Babi,sakit sial kaki aku
At age 17 : Fuck! Celaka bedebah lahanat punya meja!

Day by day,our life is getting more dramatic,don't you think? Sometimes,tiny little problem seems extraordinary huge in our eyes,while it is still tiny for other people.Time flies.Age is not something we can control.But what we do in age is entirely in our hands.Age is more than years,because it is also matter of feeling.

Human born with different capabilities,and only time will give the answers to that.As long you know yourself better,you don't have to worry because everything is going to be fine,right?

Feb 25, 2011


I have one assignment,which I think I'm really looking forward to.The subject is IMD 152,also known as Introduction To Internet Access.My dear lecturer,Miss Ila told us to do some kind of website research.There are 13 different types of websites in this world,we have to pick one,specify our selection and write about it!

Sounds fun,isn't it?

I chose blog.I don't know why,but blog suddenly popped out in my mind that time.Who's that lucky blogger who I will write about? I have made up my decision,and the blog title is diloz o'blog de.Recognize it? If not,you better click the link,fucking now!

I'm not quite sure about his name,since he's using a nickname on his Facebook.He's a Malay.He's from Malaysia.The coolest part is he went to study in Gunma Universty,Japan.There are several things more I like about his blog,his writings were usually fun to read and he also made photo editing tutorial,besides sharing his interest towards cameras.He posted so many pictures of the place where he went in Japan.

I always want to further my study there,I want to experienced everything about Japan.The beautiful scenery,peaceful environment,and as well as robotic lifestyle.I want to taste the real sushi,not Sushi King or Sakae Sushi anymore.I want to know what it feels there when Autumn arrives,the pink flowers fall endlessly in a windy day.I want to go to streets where people dressed themselves exactly like anime characters.Come on,everyone wants to go there because they know what's there in Japan,so I don't have to list everything nice about it,right?

I'm not scare if I won't be able to further my study there,for sure that's a long period.But I will fly there,someday.Dare to dream is what I'm trying to implement to myself.I'm sorry if I look overreact,blame it to my extra excitement for overwhelming me.Maybe I watch too many animes these days.

Damn,this Aragaki Yui's picture really cools me down!

Feb 16, 2011


Regret are for pussies.Shit happens,deal with it!

Regrets are really meant for pussies? First of all,I'm not trying to be a bimbo who used to misinterpret something so easily,nor a moron who find it extraordinary hard to understand simple quotes.

Regret,something which is situated inside of me.To escape from it is just a dream.To get rid of it is impossible.It signifies weakness.It symbolizes hopelessness.A billion question marks stuck inside the head.Regret is a colossal devastation inside out of a human.Regret resembles nothing but negativity.Regret is the killer!

Sometimes,I hope I can turn back the time,because a little change can make everything back on the track where it supposed to be.But my life is precious,so as my past.Go to the past and make a change wont simplify anything.It just make things go worst.Go watch The Butterfly Effect now,in case if you don't believe me.It is a movie,but I think the message is undeniable.God already have a perfect storyline for each and everyone of us,He knows better than we do.

Don't be scare to regret something! It maybe the most painful feeling ever but no one is perfect.We are human,we did some mistakes here and there.Therefore,I have reached my conclusion here,that regrets aren't for pussies! It acts like a platform for us to figure out the best of our lives.It makes us one step closer to get to know ourself better.It shows that we are still have compassionate values inside of us towards ourself and everyone else.

But still,I have to admit something,

I don't regret my past,I just regret the time I've wasted with the wrong people!

Feb 11, 2011


"Ya Allah,tolonglah bagi satu girlfriend untuk aku,tolonglah."

I made this wish,every single night before I went to sleep.It is funny when I thought to myself about how desperate I was a couple years ago.See,wasn't that pathetic? I can even see myself on Desperate Housewives!

I used to think that having a girlfriend is a must for a guy because it shows there is someone who can actually see your hero qualities,eventhough everyone knows that you are zero.It is such a beautiful thing when you know that you're a cracked egg but someone make you feel like the golden one.It was a kind of feeling that I never felt.Besides,I was a teenager,which means,I was on the phase of massive immobilization by curiousity.

But,that was back then.Now,I really enjoy myself being single.If people are saying that I'm lack of love,they are totally wrong! I already have enough lovers in my life so far,my family,my friends and my cats! I know they love me.

I don't want to be fooled again by those fairy-tales or movie-made acts,which is doesn't even exists! I would be extremely stupid for not realizing all this,because obviously life is more than that.Life is more than just holding hands,kiss on the neck,and having sex! Then,got pregnant and die! Love is like the slowest term of suicide,and I'm too young to die.

I'm just 19.I still gotta long way to go.There are so many things await for me.I need to focus more on myself,I need to find my undiscovered strength,abilities and talents.Moreover,I just watched V For Vandetta last night and for goddamn shit,it really taught me something.

Feb 5, 2011


I was watching Van Helsing last night,and it was epic! I already watched it,maybe nearly six years ago since the movie came out on 2004.The final battle between vampire and warewolf was magnificent.It was nothing like slow motion battle Edward Cullen vs Jacob Black on Twilight Saga<--that was a piece of shit.

Now,I get it,why people were suffering a nonsense disease such "vampire fever".If I could be one of them,most probably I would pick,okay maybe vampire.Let me tell you why.

First of all,vampires seem to have a hyper fangs,especially when they were about to suck their prey's blood.If you notice,they lengthens their fangs when they get angry.It's not that warewolves don't have fangs,but I just think that vampires are way more cooler with it.

Second,they have wings,so they can fly! We all don't know how it feels when we are flying but just admit it,who doesn't want to have a pair of wings like an angel? Who doesn't want to fly way up to the sky?

Third,they are charming.I think they have lyrical souls,or maybe they were literature lovers.All of them were so romantic! Have you watch Interview With The Vampire,or maybe The Vampire Diaries? I love it when they were normal like other people,but they turned into creepy fugly monster when they were intimidated.

I love mostly vampire movies,and again,Twilight is the only exception.