Feb 11, 2011


"Ya Allah,tolonglah bagi satu girlfriend untuk aku,tolonglah."

I made this wish,every single night before I went to sleep.It is funny when I thought to myself about how desperate I was a couple years ago.See,wasn't that pathetic? I can even see myself on Desperate Housewives!

I used to think that having a girlfriend is a must for a guy because it shows there is someone who can actually see your hero qualities,eventhough everyone knows that you are zero.It is such a beautiful thing when you know that you're a cracked egg but someone make you feel like the golden one.It was a kind of feeling that I never felt.Besides,I was a teenager,which means,I was on the phase of massive immobilization by curiousity.

But,that was back then.Now,I really enjoy myself being single.If people are saying that I'm lack of love,they are totally wrong! I already have enough lovers in my life so far,my family,my friends and my cats! I know they love me.

I don't want to be fooled again by those fairy-tales or movie-made acts,which is doesn't even exists! I would be extremely stupid for not realizing all this,because obviously life is more than that.Life is more than just holding hands,kiss on the neck,and having sex! Then,got pregnant and die! Love is like the slowest term of suicide,and I'm too young to die.

I'm just 19.I still gotta long way to go.There are so many things await for me.I need to focus more on myself,I need to find my undiscovered strength,abilities and talents.Moreover,I just watched V For Vandetta last night and for goddamn shit,it really taught me something.


Kartika Azmi said...

haha there's no such thing yea?

Syaa Rsd. said...

Ahaha ohmaiii I loveee this one, pretty awesome expressions I guess. jyeah! (:

AzzaSyzna said...

well single is fun enough kot. no commitment. hihi

Kehoe Cheong said...

Kartika Azmi. I hope God will proves me wrong.
Syaa Rsd. Hahaha.Thank you so much!
Azza Syzna. That's what I'm talking about.Usually,people don't realize that.

monsterblog =) said...

Do you have any experience with girls before?
If yes, can I request something?

Would you like to post an entry talking 'bout your first love/girl you love most? I would really love to read it, some goes to the others too, I think. Since most of your post showing your macho-ness, see if you have the soft part of yours inside.