Jul 31, 2012


Dear friend,

How have you been? I hope everything is fine.I saw you,quite several times.You're looking great.I heard you've got a girl and you've came in second in acoustic show.Wow,life does treat you well! We never talked a word since you left.The best part is when we acted like we don't know each other.

Forgetting someone like you is one of the hardest part of my life.You used to be the bestest friend I ever had.We shared everything.We went through so many things.We did so many things together as well.Remember when we're singing All Time Low songs? We're singing Boys Like Girls too,in the toilet.Dancing to K-Pop songs? Fighting like tigers? Smoking moments? Telling each other about our future? Playing Pokemon Fire Red?

Good life really passed by.Now,I have no one else to do all those things.I don't mind if you're forgetting all that.I don't mind of you're making fun of me when you're reading this.In fact,I don't mind if you don't remember me at all.Oh wait,there's no way you don't remember me at all.You wore my shirt every Monday,you kept my shoes as well.You can keep that.Take it all.I'm writing this because I'm tired of keep this to myself.I just want to let it out and let it go.

It has been long time and I still wonder what went wrong.I am a human,not a robot.I make mistakes,so do you.It's funny how we were able to live with each other for years,but now we can barely look at each other's faces.I hate how it ends,but somehow,I don't want to start all over again.Therefore,let's keep the phrase stranger with memories for our relationship.

Nevermind,I guess time will heal everything.In the end,I know it's for the better.But I guess,I was just too afraid to let go of my childhood dreams that we would be best friend forever.Pushing you away is easier than I thought,because I know you wouldn't care.I wish all the best for you.Goodbye.

You were the one I thought,would not let me down....What shocked me is when I needed you the most,you were the first to walk away.I was there in your life when no one else was.

Jul 3, 2012


My final semester subjects were boring,enough said.Unlike past semesters,I really miss those subjects that required creative and critical thinking,designing websites,digital resource center,magazines,HTML,Macromedia,Adobe Photoshop and all that.

Whenever I felt boring in the class,I just can't stop myself from sketching and drawing whatever came across my mind.I was on my own world.I let my soul fly,far far away.I was dead for a while.When my soul was coming back to my body,my hands immediately express the journey in a piece of paper. 
Don't interrupt me,because if you do,you really make me angry.Sounds way too dramatic,huh?

The title is The Mother Bear.It is a drawing of a mother grizzly bear protects her cubs from hungry wolves in Yellowstone,Alaska.I made this for Mother's Day.

This is The King of Muar,adapted from the myths of giant snake in Muar,Johor.It has been said that when the snake comes out,the whole land will be flooded.

I just made The Hair this morning.It is about a girl who frequently changed her hairstyles because of nonsense dissatisfaction and insecurities.

I just love sketching and drawing.It is part of my life now.Please,don't judge my works.I know they're look horrible to some of you.