Aug 20, 2013


Woman should be treated nicely by man.I have a very high respect for woman,those period pain,blood came out from vaginas and gave birth kind of thing make me wonder like,wow you're fucking undisputed!

Look at the video below for a while.

Firstly,I have no respect for man who hit woman.Like,please motherfuck,grow some balls.Why you have to be so wack ass? Secondly,I'm against hitting woman 100% but what I want to know is what the hell are we suppose to do in a situation like that? Like if we get hit,what do we do? Run?

I admit,I never hit woman in my life before.Ohhh,fighting with my sisters are normal when I was a little,but to hit a women at this age,with strength,force,knuckles and legs? Never was and never will be for me.But if any girl,it can be boys or girls actually,came to my face,repeatedly hitting me,with no reason,what should I do?

But girls,please please please don't even dare to invite boys fighting you.Like,what do you expect? No matter how weak he seemed,boys are always physically stronger than girls.One punch straight to your face will make your nose bleed and broke.Why hurt him with your hands? Remember,words are mightier than swords.

I'm talking this for your own safety and security.If you think you're strong enough to whoop a boy's ass,please think again.Because if you want to fight like a man,you'll be treated like a man.Don't get me wrong jerks and bitches,I ain't promoting violence here.I'm just stating my point.My point is don't dish what you can't take and I don't care who you are,if you're lying your hands on me,THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES! 

Mar 21, 2013


"Kau main bola ke? Kau sepak mesti kencang kan...Kaki berotot"

I used to get that.A lot.How I wished that is real! Seriously,I rarely play any sport,especially football since I'm more into sleeping,day-dreaming,sketching my own comics and playing my Gameboy,Nintendo and stuff.You know,those kind of introvert thing.

I am gifted.I have a pair of muscular legs.I don't know how it gets there,but I think I was born this way.Sometimes,I felt a little bit insecure,hahaha because I can't rock some of my short pants with these kind of legs.At certain times,there will be so many wires there!

Soon,I realized that I shouldn't felt insecure about my physical appearence like,why should I? I'm perfectly fine head to toe! However,I must explore the ability of these legs since I never really use them before.I'm thinking of football,rugby and even muay thai.

Kadang-kadang,teringin rasanya nak terajang orang.Dekat tengkuk.Sampai patah.

Mar 1, 2013


I'm a little bit mainstream (not as mainstream as J.K Rowling or Stephanie Mayer hihihi) when it comes to authors and books.I used to love Nicholas Sparks,he's the one who's responsible for taking me into the book worm's planet.I remember my first book was The Notebook nearly four years ago.Who doesn't love Nicholas Sparks anyway? His books are masterpiece and I don't think I should list some of them as examples since all of you already knew it,right?

As for now,I'm addicted to Mitch Albom.If Sparks can prove that love is more powerful than death,Albom managed to take you to different dimension between life and death.Last year,I borrowed The Five People You Meet In Heaven from my university library.I was so in love with the book.It was the first book that managed to touch my heart.I read it for about five times already!

I bought three Mitch Albom's on the Big Bad Wolf about two months ago. I started to read For One More Day and guess what,once again he touched my heart even more.I don't know about you,at least for a mommy's boy like me,he surely did.Siapa yang banyak lawan cakap emak dia,baca lah buku ni.

Currently,I'm reading Have A Little Faith.It's a little bit slow.I better get it finish fast before I read Tuesday With Morrie.

If you have any interesting books to share,please give me suggestions! Bye,I'm going to Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Fire Sale now!

Feb 21, 2013


Hi people.

Especially for UiTM Segamat people! How are you guys doing now? The semester has reach it's end soon,I bet you guys are so busy with tests,assignments and presentations right now.I used to be one of you before,but now,I'm graduated!

I'm helping my friend,Nicky Shazni to promote all of the Varsity t-shirts that he designed specially for the UiTM Segamat students.The t-shirts are available for all courses.I'm going to highlight all t-shirts of the courses one by one now.

The first one definitely would be my course! Is there any of Information Management students here? As you can see below,the t-shirts come in red color.You guys might look fierce and sexy in this t-shirt.I'm not sure about you but I know I will be sexy in this! Rawr! Hahahaha!

The second one would be Business Studies course.Most of my favorite people are from this course,hihihi.I'm imagining they would look simply elegant with these black t-shirts.Oh yeahhh....

The next one is Accountancy.I gotta say these Accountancy t-shirts are my favorite.I think the designs are fresh-looking.I really like the combination of black and purple,like who doesn't anyway? Purple will make you feel cute,don't you know that? Damn you lucky people. 

Hello,Investment Analysis students.Grey for you guys.Grey is the new black these days.You must get yourself one of these t-shirts.It looks retro and classic in a very modern way.You got me?

Is there any Banking Students here? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh *crowds are shouting.Nothing is cooler than blue color,have you ever heard that? That describes everything,I guess.

Hello DBST or Transport students! In my batch,Transport guys got the most muscular bodies among other courses,if I wasn't mistaken hahaha.Therefore,abang-abang sador sekalian,you guys might look hottest of the hottest shit ever in these t-shirts!

So,have you made your decision? Oh,I forgot to put the price..

RM25 - short
RM27 - long

Yes,but how to order them? You can place your order through your class representative or directly reach these people for more information -

DIIM - Nami (017-3437893)
DBS - Azal (017-3811478)
DIA - Amir (017-2631398)
DIIA - Burn (017-7151332)
DIB - Nicky (012-2599221)
DBST - Zhafran (012-6045954)

My personal opinion? I'm going to be open,I never bought any course t-shirt before.Aku paling tak suka t-shirt penuh dengan corak merepek-repek,entah apa-apa,ingat aku budak ke? To me,it all looks sucks big time,there are always too many things happened in one t-shirt while they know all we want is a plain one! Bash me? Be my guest bitches hahahahaha!

However,Nicky and his friends managed to open my eyes with this statement-making t-shirts! A very simple course t-shirt,exactly what we needed since T-Rex was still a baby,right? It proves that simplicity goes a long way in everything.Besides,the colors of the t-shirt like red,blue,black,grey and purple are the colors that will make everyone look good with that t-shirt.It points out the elements of sexy,sophisticated,free-spirited,charismatic and empowerment.The t-shirts might go well with all of you handsome and beautiful people,what are you waiting for?

Yes,the t-shirts are worth buying,plain-colored t-shirt with a simple yet direct messages.I'm going to get one.What about you?

Feb 16, 2013


I have been a huge fan of Japanese food,or more specifically sushi since a couple years ago.If I wasn't mistaken,since I finished school. However,I don't know any superb yet underground Japanese restaurant here in Malaysia,so I went to the mainstream ones.I love Sakae Sushi more,but Sushi King is really suitable with my financial matter,if you know what I mean. I heard Sushi Tei is the coolest place among sushi-lovers? So,what's your favorite sushi? Hahaha. As for me,I prefer this.

I don't know what this called in Japanese but I've been always call it Salmon Sushi. It is nigirizushi,a type of hand-formed sushi using specific amount of rice with certain toppings or fillings such as neta (fish) , anago (sea eel), unagi (freahwater eel) and tako (octopus).

In other words,Salmon Sushi is a riceball with a raw Salmon slices on the top. So many people dislike sushi with the lamest excuse which is,"Eee benda tu mentah,tak masak". Listen,if you don't like other sushi,I don't care but seriously you gotta give a shot to this.

Damn,that feeling when that Salmon slices melt inside your mouth is such a sensational moment. Nowadays,I don't have to go to the restaurant for the sushi. I can get it from Jusco behind my house and guess what,it tastes a lot better and the price is cheaper as well

Feb 9, 2013


I have been dreaming to have this shit since forever.It's not that I can't buy it,it's just I don't know where can I buy it.The Pokeball casing is very rare,it's so hard to find one.It is only available on online website.Did I ever tell you that I never had any experience of buying something online?

The process is too complex for me,which contributes one more reason why I salute woman.Therefore,I decided to wait miracle to happened.Guess what,it really happened! Just watch the video below to witness a miracle!

I am a Pokemon Master now hahahahah!! Rainbow just gave me a present and it is a Pokeball casing.I can't describe how happy I am right now.Thank you so much Rainbow,you made my day! 

Feb 7, 2013


"Poyo lah mamat tu,Tweeting dengan Blogging acah-acah nak cakap BI je,padahal English berterabur!"

Well,I received that a a lot.First of all,I don't know what is your problem.Second,do you think I should give a fuck towards pathetic people like you? Third,fuck you.End of story.

For your information,the percentage of I'm using Bahasa Melayu in my daily basis is about 99.9%.I talked in Bahasa Melayu with all people in my life.The fact is,we all know that English is our second language and I want to master English as much as I mastered Bahasa Melayu.I have been Tweeting and blogging in English because I found out that these are the only places where I can improve my English in whatever scopes you name it,grammar,vocabulary,verbs,adverbs,nouns,pronouns,adjectives,prepositions,conjunctions,motherfucking singular and plural fucks and also writing skills.

That is why I don't really mind if people want to correct my English whenever I made errors.The fact is I'm still learning,and I'm improving by it.I believe,everyday life is a learning process itself.Besides,English was also my favorite subject since I was a little kid and BEL was my favorite course in my university.

One more thing,if you want to correct my English,please do it in a proper way.I mean,with manner.I got no time to deal with your menganjing sentences,seriously.There's a huge different between the both and I'm not stupid to notice that.You don't want to mess with me here because.....

Hahahahaha just kidding friends! Wow,I'm blogging like a boss now.Hahahaha!

Jan 16, 2013


Seriously,I'm not so pleased by all those classy and fancy smells.In fact,I'm not so into fragrance shopping. I once followed my mother to Sogo. My mother loves Sogo since got SALE every month there! That time,she bought a perfume.She even asked me to pick mine.I don't know how the fuck all of them smell,like Bvlgari,Hugo Boss,Versace,Burberry,Calvin Klein,Emporio Armani.After an hour of wandering around,I decided not to buy any.

Instead of spending (or in my dictionary it can be replaced by wasting) hundred bucks to not to be stinky,I rather go easy.Actually,I'm very comfortable with this.

Carrie Junior Powder.This is powder.I use this from like,three or four years ago.I applied it to all over my body.Damn,the smell is really good,no wonder people like to hug me hahahaha! In fact,I get a lot of

 "Eeee bau kau macam baby lah!"