Feb 16, 2013


I have been a huge fan of Japanese food,or more specifically sushi since a couple years ago.If I wasn't mistaken,since I finished school. However,I don't know any superb yet underground Japanese restaurant here in Malaysia,so I went to the mainstream ones.I love Sakae Sushi more,but Sushi King is really suitable with my financial matter,if you know what I mean. I heard Sushi Tei is the coolest place among sushi-lovers? So,what's your favorite sushi? Hahaha. As for me,I prefer this.

I don't know what this called in Japanese but I've been always call it Salmon Sushi. It is nigirizushi,a type of hand-formed sushi using specific amount of rice with certain toppings or fillings such as neta (fish) , anago (sea eel), unagi (freahwater eel) and tako (octopus).

In other words,Salmon Sushi is a riceball with a raw Salmon slices on the top. So many people dislike sushi with the lamest excuse which is,"Eee benda tu mentah,tak masak". Listen,if you don't like other sushi,I don't care but seriously you gotta give a shot to this.

Damn,that feeling when that Salmon slices melt inside your mouth is such a sensational moment. Nowadays,I don't have to go to the restaurant for the sushi. I can get it from Jusco behind my house and guess what,it tastes a lot better and the price is cheaper as well


Jy said...

I once went to sushi king but since I didn't bring lots of money and didn't even plan to go there I just had 3 plates of the sushi and yes jusco definitely sells the cheaper and tastier sushi,I love the jellyfish one don't know the name in japanese though :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Jy.I never had that kind of jellyfish sushi,damn I must give it a try! How it's taste?

renjizakura said...

salmon sashimi Sushi Tei is the best. Sushi Zanmai pon okay.

Kehoe Cheong said...

Renjizakura. Yes,that's the name! I just tried Sushi Tei last week,it's mad delicious. They got thicker Salmon slices there!

I should try Sushi Zenmai and Kiku Zakura soon! Hahaha

xila dot said...

sushi zanmai!!!