Feb 21, 2013


Hi people.

Especially for UiTM Segamat people! How are you guys doing now? The semester has reach it's end soon,I bet you guys are so busy with tests,assignments and presentations right now.I used to be one of you before,but now,I'm graduated!

I'm helping my friend,Nicky Shazni to promote all of the Varsity t-shirts that he designed specially for the UiTM Segamat students.The t-shirts are available for all courses.I'm going to highlight all t-shirts of the courses one by one now.

The first one definitely would be my course! Is there any of Information Management students here? As you can see below,the t-shirts come in red color.You guys might look fierce and sexy in this t-shirt.I'm not sure about you but I know I will be sexy in this! Rawr! Hahahaha!

The second one would be Business Studies course.Most of my favorite people are from this course,hihihi.I'm imagining they would look simply elegant with these black t-shirts.Oh yeahhh....

The next one is Accountancy.I gotta say these Accountancy t-shirts are my favorite.I think the designs are fresh-looking.I really like the combination of black and purple,like who doesn't anyway? Purple will make you feel cute,don't you know that? Damn you lucky people. 

Hello,Investment Analysis students.Grey for you guys.Grey is the new black these days.You must get yourself one of these t-shirts.It looks retro and classic in a very modern way.You got me?

Is there any Banking Students here? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh *crowds are shouting.Nothing is cooler than blue color,have you ever heard that? That describes everything,I guess.

Hello DBST or Transport students! In my batch,Transport guys got the most muscular bodies among other courses,if I wasn't mistaken hahaha.Therefore,abang-abang sador sekalian,you guys might look hottest of the hottest shit ever in these t-shirts!

So,have you made your decision? Oh,I forgot to put the price..

RM25 - short
RM27 - long

Yes,but how to order them? You can place your order through your class representative or directly reach these people for more information -

DIIM - Nami (017-3437893)
DBS - Azal (017-3811478)
DIA - Amir (017-2631398)
DIIA - Burn (017-7151332)
DIB - Nicky (012-2599221)
DBST - Zhafran (012-6045954)

My personal opinion? I'm going to be open,I never bought any course t-shirt before.Aku paling tak suka t-shirt penuh dengan corak merepek-repek,entah apa-apa,ingat aku budak ke? To me,it all looks sucks big time,there are always too many things happened in one t-shirt while they know all we want is a plain one! Bash me? Be my guest bitches hahahahaha!

However,Nicky and his friends managed to open my eyes with this statement-making t-shirts! A very simple course t-shirt,exactly what we needed since T-Rex was still a baby,right? It proves that simplicity goes a long way in everything.Besides,the colors of the t-shirt like red,blue,black,grey and purple are the colors that will make everyone look good with that t-shirt.It points out the elements of sexy,sophisticated,free-spirited,charismatic and empowerment.The t-shirts might go well with all of you handsome and beautiful people,what are you waiting for?

Yes,the t-shirts are worth buying,plain-colored t-shirt with a simple yet direct messages.I'm going to get one.What about you?


Anonymous said...

Those tees are amazing

Kehoe Cheong said...
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Anonymous said...

MARA University of Technology?????? lol

Anonymous said...

hope uitm shah alam provide tee's
as smart as yours uitm..
im never bought any shirt with
uitm label cause its too formal
like school

Kehoe Cheong said...

Anonymous.Me too! Couldn't agree more!