Aug 21, 2011


Hi people.

I just want to ask you a question.Do you still remember both of girls below? Who used to be a sensational stars,which is also known as pop princesses of the music industry back then? Damn,one more thing,they used to be every little boy fantasy in the 1990s.

Britney Spears.
Who doesn't love Britney? Every boy wants to date her,every girl wants to be like her.She was more than a public figure.I recognized her name since I was 7.Do you remember Oops I Did It Again,Lucky and Sometimes? She doesn't show any sign to stop,even until today,but I still adore her old songs which was in her first debut album.I miss the old Britney and I wish she hit me one more time.

Christina Aguilera.
She was such a baby,don't you think? When I was kid,I found myself so hard to pronounce AGUILERA,and that was the moment I knew her existence.I really like Genie In The Bottle and What A Girl Wants,fuck she was as hot as hell! It's funny when you love Britney but you must hate Christina at the same time just because they were so called rivals.

If you remember back to the 1990's,we don't have instant stars or reality program stars as much as today.Besides,there were also no viral Internet talentless star wannabes like Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black.Therefore,to say both Britney and Christina were famous for nothing is so far from the truth because they actually did something compared to those young artists today,upload stupid fuck videos on YouTube,get discovered and BOOM!!

In my perspective,both of them provide people pure entertainment,something which is common but still fun to listen to,and that is what pop music all about.To be frank,I don't understand pop music today because there are too much mixture and combination.You got what I mean,right? Too much stuffs happening.

Thumbs up if you're still listen to their old songs today.