Mar 22, 2012


Friends come and go.I laughed so hard whenever I thought to myself,how hard for me to accept the fact before.Yes! I used to take friendship way more serious than anything.However,that was then.I would like to become more realistic these days,since our world is occupied by selfish bastards and ungrateful creatures.

Some people just don't have any idea how meaningful they are to someone.But,it is my job to remind you every second? Eee,geli la bodo,faham-faham je lah. Let me clear this fucking things up,my presence is not going to be long in your life.I somehow know we might have our own seperate ways someday,but at least could you appreciate me while I'm still around?

Sadly,you have failed as a friend.If only friendship can be measured by grades,I'm going to give you G! Repeat for the next semester! Hahahaha.I'm going to make my job really easy now.To forget about all of you people who came into my life and went away like nothing happened.How did you do that? You're so cool! I want to be like you! Bullshit.

Feelings change,but memories does not.Nevermind,I' have cherished our last chapter,until we meet again.If time made it harder,I wish I could remember.Someday,you will miss me.If you ever found me that time,my middle finger will be raised up.Just for you.

It is sad when the people you know become the people you knew.How you used to be able to live for years together,but now you can barely look at them.No matter what happened,I'm still one awesome boy!

Mar 17, 2012


Sometimes,I wondered why God fated me to be the first child in the family? Hello,I'm not complaining,I just wondering why? Tell me what you know about the term first child? You have to figure out how to become a role model and best example to your younger siblings by hitting every great expectations.

As if you know,most of my friends were like,they've got so many siblings above them,so many 'abang' and 'kakak'.I got so envious sometimes,like yeah,everything that you have to do is already done by your older siblings.So,you just sitting somewhere,doing nothing,instead of fulfilling your own needs and doing what you want to do.

That is my opinion.I'm just thinking that I have no enough qualities to be that kind of person but at the same time I feel,if there is no one take a step to make it happens,who else? In the name of God,I don't think it is a burden to me at all.However,the little things that will lead to life failure really make me so frustrated about my life.

I'm not willing to make my parents feeling down and upset.Before I die,I want to make them happy,I want to make them proud of me,I want to make a change,a really big one and I want to be the reason of every smiles on their faces.I really have to fight for everything,not only for my own sake,but for my family as well.Life can be so hard,sometimes.

Listen,some of you might not understand this,so I suggest you just can go fuck yourself somewhere.

Mar 13, 2012


Real life.
"Mula-mula aku ingatkan kau Cina.."

Twitter and blog.

"I thought you were Chinese at first,until I saw your name Muhammad Khalis!"

I received that a lot.Well,some people think that I am a Chinese guy.Just because of my small eyes! Some of them even asked me whether I had this Chinese ancestors run in my blood.Sometimes,I felt like they are fooling around with me,like,are you blind of something? Hahaha.I am so black to be Chinese,seriously.

Let me clear all of these now.
  1. I am a fully 100% Malay.
  2. Both of my parents are Malay.
  3. Only my grandmother,which is my mother to my mother is Chinese.She was married to a Malay guy,which is my grandfather.
  4. That is why all of my siblings and relatives,on my mother side got this kind of 'sepet' eyes.
Therefore,I am proud to say that I am a fully and completely Malay guy.I am happy to born as a Malay,speak Malay language and befriends with Malay people.

I don't care if people say Melayu this,Melayu that..Why should I care for? It's not that I am the only Malay here in this world,and for your better understanding,Melayu is a race of human,you should be cleared that no human made no mistakes.Whatever,I still have a total blast befriend with my Malay,Chinese and Indian friends! Variation is superbly awesome!

Ada orang cakap muka aku muka orang Borneo pulak...Takpe,stay cute,stay handsome,as always.Assalamualaikum.

Mar 10, 2012


I just watched video Tinggalkan Ibu Lumpuh di Hotel.It is mainly about the daughter who brought her mother to a vacation,somewhere,and then left her mother in the hotel,alone.The mother,which is look like 80 something,cried so bad as she never thought her daughter dare to do that.

My reaction was like,wow that lady really have guts,aren't she? How dare she left her mother alone,just like that? How dare she abandoned the old,helpless woman all by herself? How dare she neglected her paralyzed mother? How dare she left the woman that once have died to make her live in this world?

I am sad,and piss off at the same time.If she really got problems,that is not the fucking solution.Come on,your mother is like fucking old,as she's going to die anytime and anywhere.Therefore,why won't you make the best of it on her last days in this world?

Dear friends,love your mother while she's still alive.Your mother is like,the real one in 6.2 billion.Trust me,you never want to be too late when it comes to it.

Sorry for the emotional post.To be truth,I haven't get back home since TWO MONTHS ago and I didn't see my mother ever since that.This is my first time.I miss you,I miss you so much.

Mar 5, 2012


I just deleted my Facebook account last week. For those who asked why,here are some concrete reasons:
  1. Almost 50% of my friends on Facebook..Hmm,to be honest,I don't know them! I want to keep like 200-300 friends at first,but since Facebook won't allow me to delete using 'mark all' type.. T__T
  2. So many attention seekers on my friend list (I bet in yours,too),posting irrelevant comments,just to get 'Like' hits.It's annoying,so,yeah!
  3. I rarely online,I don't know why,if I posted new pictures,I got so excited but those excitements lasted for only 2 days.
  4. My Facebook is like a fridge,where I only opened them to look for something,then closed them tight.
  5. Too many annoying cousins and relatives that..hmm,you know what I mean,right?
  6. Heck,I still got my blog and Twitter.
  7. I don't want to be social network maggots!
  8. Last one - Nowadays, I prefer to be invisible
Since I'm no longer a Blackberry user,I don't think I have problem if I don't have any social network,I still have a blast all time.I was mistaken,I thought I could not live without it. Things already turned into another story now.

I am completely happy with my life.