Mar 13, 2012


Real life.
"Mula-mula aku ingatkan kau Cina.."

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"I thought you were Chinese at first,until I saw your name Muhammad Khalis!"

I received that a lot.Well,some people think that I am a Chinese guy.Just because of my small eyes! Some of them even asked me whether I had this Chinese ancestors run in my blood.Sometimes,I felt like they are fooling around with me,like,are you blind of something? Hahaha.I am so black to be Chinese,seriously.

Let me clear all of these now.
  1. I am a fully 100% Malay.
  2. Both of my parents are Malay.
  3. Only my grandmother,which is my mother to my mother is Chinese.She was married to a Malay guy,which is my grandfather.
  4. That is why all of my siblings and relatives,on my mother side got this kind of 'sepet' eyes.
Therefore,I am proud to say that I am a fully and completely Malay guy.I am happy to born as a Malay,speak Malay language and befriends with Malay people.

I don't care if people say Melayu this,Melayu that..Why should I care for? It's not that I am the only Malay here in this world,and for your better understanding,Melayu is a race of human,you should be cleared that no human made no mistakes.Whatever,I still have a total blast befriend with my Malay,Chinese and Indian friends! Variation is superbly awesome!

Ada orang cakap muka aku muka orang Borneo pulak...Takpe,stay cute,stay handsome,as always.Assalamualaikum.


hareez mad isa said...


Huzniey Saad said...

I thougt you were chinese too at first! haha

Anonymous said...

ya know what??
at first,b4 reading this post,
thought u're chinese 2??!!

aziey nasrudin said...

oh..melayu rupenye :)

Anonymous said...

cute sgt! pipi boleh sy cubit ke?? huhu :)

Anonymous said...

Macam kim jong kook