Mar 10, 2012


I just watched video Tinggalkan Ibu Lumpuh di Hotel.It is mainly about the daughter who brought her mother to a vacation,somewhere,and then left her mother in the hotel,alone.The mother,which is look like 80 something,cried so bad as she never thought her daughter dare to do that.

My reaction was like,wow that lady really have guts,aren't she? How dare she left her mother alone,just like that? How dare she abandoned the old,helpless woman all by herself? How dare she neglected her paralyzed mother? How dare she left the woman that once have died to make her live in this world?

I am sad,and piss off at the same time.If she really got problems,that is not the fucking solution.Come on,your mother is like fucking old,as she's going to die anytime and anywhere.Therefore,why won't you make the best of it on her last days in this world?

Dear friends,love your mother while she's still alive.Your mother is like,the real one in 6.2 billion.Trust me,you never want to be too late when it comes to it.

Sorry for the emotional post.To be truth,I haven't get back home since TWO MONTHS ago and I didn't see my mother ever since that.This is my first time.I miss you,I miss you so much.

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Nej Jalidar said...

This is the old mother who was abandoned at the cheap hotel story right? I read somewhere that the children died in an accident, that's why nobody came for the mother. Though it's not confirmed. I haven't exactly been searching the info properly