Mar 20, 2011


I have a Record Management class,every Tuesday evening.It is two hours full of excitement,seriously.
  1. The lecturer is a young and beautiful married woman.
  2. She's charismatic and have an ability to eliminate any boredom aspects.
  3. She's teaching with all of her heart and soul.
Lately,I was overwhelmed by uninvited exhaustion when it comes to her class.It's not that her class is boring,it's just me.I don't have any idea why.Tuesday seems turn into my so called unpleasant day,I felt lazy and sleepy on that day,especially on the evening.

In order to escape myself from being labelled for any disrespectful behavior,such as sleeping in the class,I took a piece of paper,borrow some colorful pens from a friend of mine and draw mind maps of other subjects.

It's a piece of crap but no one can judge.Yes,I love arts.

Mar 18, 2011


When you thought to yourself that you should earn a better life,things somehow turn into another side of an actual events.What an ironic twist of fate.It is painful,right?

It happens to me all the time.Things always went far from my predictions,way beyond my expectations.I am already immune when it comes to it.Well,that's the real definition of life.You'll never know what will happen to you.

All good things seem come to an end before they play.I cure myself by let it go.I don't see any relevance if we're crying a river for it,better we build a bridge to get over it.You know,sometimes giving up doesn't mean that you're weak,it means that you're strong enough to let it go.

The capital HOPE is a phrase which I implemented inside of me but I'm sick of hoping for something beyond my reach.I better live my current life,with all the joy.Future ahead,it's all about take it or leave it.

Mar 13, 2011


I don't get it.Why some people are so brainless? There are some of them who making fun of Japan when the country get hit my massive Tsunami past few days by posting stupid statuses on their Facebook and Twitter.Let me ask you one question,where's your sensitivity?

An obvious example would be

Seriously dude,you are annoying.People are dead here and there.You just sitting there in front of your laptop,claiming that you're just joking? Let me slap your mother,don't get mad,because I just want to make a joke.

If you guys think it is so hard to pray,just shut the fuck up.There's no need to joking around,it's not funny at all.You will feel sorry for yourself someday and that time you've been wondering where's Cicakman? Where's Bio-nik? Where's Kaber Hero Kaber Zero?

It's a shame to Malaysia,having such motherfuckers as citizens.

Mar 12, 2011


I spent a lot of times with those two guys,Fakhri and Aniq these weekend.I knew them since I was in Form 1,didn't realize we are 19 now.Since all of us were a bunch of grown up and extremely busy with our own stuffs,it is pretty hard to meet each other.

Finally,I managed to meet them in HR Steakhouse,Kg.Baru.I really had a blast with them.They freshen up all of the memories in high school.Some of them were fucking hilarious,we laughed like a maniac until morning.

All time favorite,Fish and Chip! Damn,that mayo looks like sperms.

Si Jawo dan Si Minang,I love you!

Diorang cakap muka aku macam 'taiko',betul ke? Hahaha.

I'm glad to knew them.I'm glad to see them growing up perfectly.I'm glad our friendship still remains the same,eventhough we were all apart.Friendship won't lasts,it never ends.Damn,I sound like a Spice Girl here.

p/s : 300? Thank you,people! God bless you!

Mar 6, 2011


I want to talk about something,which is take place here in Segamat.There is a group,I don't know what it is called,but all of the members have perfect manly body for real! I repeat,this is real!

At first,I just heard people praising their muscular bodies.I thought to myself,who gives a shit? But when I met them in front of my fucking eyes,I finally knew what people talking about.They got bodies to die for,big chest,small waist,six packs,biceps,triceps and all you can imagine what's there on Taylor Lautner's body.

Then,I saw my friends,especially Farn and Syed who suddenly got a hint to work their bodies.They started to workout like seriously,I saw them doing that every single time I went to their room.Besides,the were also consuming protein milkshake,it tastes like crap! Thanks to them,I was influenced by their so called healthy routine and I am doing what they are doing now!
In a couple of months,I will get what I have been dreaming of.I will get Bruce Lee's body in a natural way of mine,absolutely without any drugs,protein milkshakes or energy boosters!

To those who are not believe in me,voice out about it on my Facebook wall because I will tag you in my muscular abs photos.I'm surely going to shut your fucking mouth!

Mar 5, 2011


I once said that Kate Moss is beautiful and all of my friends were like,where's her breast,man? Some of them were saying that Kim Kardashian is beautiful,then how come I didn't feel the same? Having two watermelons on your chest is not beautiful! Then,we started to argue about this unsolved topic.

Different people came up with different answer because beauty is a subjective matter.As for me,a normal guy,also have my own standards and requirements before describe the real definition of beauty.Therefore,in this very post,I'm going to state those external characteristics that influence my attractiveness level towards women.

1. Long wavy hair.
Bayangkanlah sewaktu dia berjalan-jalan di pantai,rambutnya ditiup oleh angin yang datang.Kemudian,dia membetul-betulkan rambutnya semula.Sangat seksi.

2.Smiling eyes.
Bila dia senyum,matanya juga akan ikut senyum.Oh,saya sangat suka perempuan yang tidak memakai kanta lekap.Nampak sangat natural dan innocent.

3.Weird teeth structure.
Saya suka perempuan yang susunan giginya agak pelik.Bukanlah jongang atau rongak,tetapi entahlah,saya pun tidak tahu bagaimana nak cerita.

4.Skinny body but not walking skeleton.
Saya suka perempuan yang kurus.Semestinya lebih kurus dari saya supaya boleh main dukung-dukung di tepi pantai.Selain itu,saya juga tidak begitu kisah sama ada dia bertetek besar atau kecil.Tetapi yang penting,ada tetek.

5.Awesome fashion sense.
Dah nama pun perempuan,takkan lah selekeh je memanjang kan.Saya suka perempuan yang pandai bergaya,dalam masa yang saya,terpancar sifat kesederhanaannya.

Five would be enough because I am starting to talk nonsense if I write more than that.Well,I put Cassi Van Den Dungen, the second runner up of Australian Next Top Model 5 pictures on the top because she's the one who I think would be an ideal selection for the term beauty.

If you ask me,what is beauty? My answer would be,the person who turns imperfection into perfection.