Mar 6, 2011


I want to talk about something,which is take place here in Segamat.There is a group,I don't know what it is called,but all of the members have perfect manly body for real! I repeat,this is real!

At first,I just heard people praising their muscular bodies.I thought to myself,who gives a shit? But when I met them in front of my fucking eyes,I finally knew what people talking about.They got bodies to die for,big chest,small waist,six packs,biceps,triceps and all you can imagine what's there on Taylor Lautner's body.

Then,I saw my friends,especially Farn and Syed who suddenly got a hint to work their bodies.They started to workout like seriously,I saw them doing that every single time I went to their room.Besides,the were also consuming protein milkshake,it tastes like crap! Thanks to them,I was influenced by their so called healthy routine and I am doing what they are doing now!
In a couple of months,I will get what I have been dreaming of.I will get Bruce Lee's body in a natural way of mine,absolutely without any drugs,protein milkshakes or energy boosters!

To those who are not believe in me,voice out about it on my Facebook wall because I will tag you in my muscular abs photos.I'm surely going to shut your fucking mouth!


Afifah Abdoh said...

Good luck man! We trust you. HAHA! Hey, make sure you put your abs on your blog! Alrite lol

dochi said...

same as afifah *copy paste*
-Good luck man! We trust you. HAHA! Hey, make sure you put your abs on your blog! Alrite lol

but what can I say I hate muscular man in that shape (those man in this post) . I rather choose man workout body in japans manga . tihiii XD

monsterblog =) said...

Yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about. Not going to praise my bf here, but dude, he got that six packs and all, and that is just freaking delicious man!

P/s: Errr, I sound like pervert. LOL

Anonymous said...

malik noor tak nak?? hehe. gudlak dude!!! but make sure do not overdo it.

Kehoe Cheong said...

Afifah Abdoh.Thank you for your support!

Dochi.That was Bruce Lee,he's got the greatest muscular body for God sake! Japanese manga aren't real lah,hihihi

Monsterblog.Yes,I'm looking forward to find a girlfriend who will love her boy's body like you did.Once again,yes,you look pervert!

Intanmaisara.Malik Noor is too plus size,taste kamu macam tu ke? Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

no no no no that was so not my taste. just like bruce lee sudah. =)

Syaza Rahizad said...

shizz even my fourteen-year-old-adik pun work out and start ikut my bro pergi gym!

hehe i workout too. to stay fit lah, not for.. manly muscles. haha

Kehoe Cheong said...

Intanmaisara.Mengaku je lah

Syaza Rahizad.If women have tears,we guys have abs!

Anne Nabila said...

Serius ur blog sngt cool*jealous mood.Hha