Mar 18, 2011


When you thought to yourself that you should earn a better life,things somehow turn into another side of an actual events.What an ironic twist of fate.It is painful,right?

It happens to me all the time.Things always went far from my predictions,way beyond my expectations.I am already immune when it comes to it.Well,that's the real definition of life.You'll never know what will happen to you.

All good things seem come to an end before they play.I cure myself by let it go.I don't see any relevance if we're crying a river for it,better we build a bridge to get over it.You know,sometimes giving up doesn't mean that you're weak,it means that you're strong enough to let it go.

The capital HOPE is a phrase which I implemented inside of me but I'm sick of hoping for something beyond my reach.I better live my current life,with all the joy.Future ahead,it's all about take it or leave it.


Syaa Rsd. said...

It happened to me sometimes, too :)

Ezza Syazana said...

ouchhhhhh :']