Mar 20, 2011


I have a Record Management class,every Tuesday evening.It is two hours full of excitement,seriously.
  1. The lecturer is a young and beautiful married woman.
  2. She's charismatic and have an ability to eliminate any boredom aspects.
  3. She's teaching with all of her heart and soul.
Lately,I was overwhelmed by uninvited exhaustion when it comes to her class.It's not that her class is boring,it's just me.I don't have any idea why.Tuesday seems turn into my so called unpleasant day,I felt lazy and sleepy on that day,especially on the evening.

In order to escape myself from being labelled for any disrespectful behavior,such as sleeping in the class,I took a piece of paper,borrow some colorful pens from a friend of mine and draw mind maps of other subjects.

It's a piece of crap but no one can judge.Yes,I love arts.


Sesumpah said...

wowwoww. serius. serius. menarik :D

Eleeza Rocket said...

I could past PMR with flying colours if my map are like that :)

monsterblog =) said...

wow. ur mind map. i focused more on the drawing rather than words. why tuesday? why not monday, since monday is knowing as the blackest day. lol

alia ;)) said...

sumpah comel ;)

Kehoe Cheong said...

Seseumpah. Betul ke? Ni kali pertama buat mind map lukis-lukis bagai,kalau tak,kota-kotak yang bosan je

Eleeza Rocket.But too much colors won't be a help for me actually in memorizing them,I just made it because I'm bored and tired.

Monsterblog.My Monday classes was pretty fine compared to Tuesday classes.monday no evening class since it ends at 3pm! Hihihi,while Tuesday ends at 6pm! zzzzz

Alia. Thank you Alia,what a sweet side of you!