Apr 1, 2011


I miss my old times.Especially when I was at 7,or 8,or maybe 9 years old.Back to the moment,where I was addicted and obsessed with Digimon.I still remember watching them at 10am every Sunday.I even cried when I missed an episode of it.Did you watch them?

I am so happy right now.I already downloaded the entire first season of Digimon in my laptop.Come,come,let's watch together!

If you ask me,what is my favorite Digimon? I would say Patamon,because he is the coolest Digimon ever! He is dropdead weak when he is Patamon,but when he evolved,everything's change.Patamon holds the phrase of expect the unexpected.

Patamon,you are weak! You know your attack is not going to affect much.I mean,Air Beam? I could just kick your ass,PIG! Don't be mad,just kidding,you know I love you,right pig?

Angemon,why are you so cool? How can a pig evolved into an angel? It doesn't make any sense.Wait,oh yes,that's why we called it cartoon.

I once named my cat Patamon,but he's dead now.It's up to you,whether you want to call me childish or immature.Sorry,it's just me.Digimon is a matter,which is going to be last forever in my heart and soul.


Anonymous said...

this is so cute! hahaha

Kehoe Cheong said...

Yeahhh,Patamon is cute.I know that! HAHAHAH

monsterblog =) said...

patamon is cute but you are hot. haha

Kehoe Cheong said...

You are totally mistaken,hahahaha

Hairul @ Kay said...

better than pokemon! huhu... best entry from the best unpretentious blog rite now.. keep coming!

Ninaa Joyy said...

That was my fav one too ! Hahaa.

Kehoe Cheong said...

Hairul Kay.Pokemon and Dogimon are both lagendary.Thank you very much for visiting me here,haha.

Ninaa Joy.Patamon should be everyone's favorite!

N.J. said...

hahahaha~ adoi, seriously dude, patamon the best..

you know wat, recently i keep playing pokemon GBA, and i watch digimon few times.. and when i read ur blog, it's fun to know that someone else also enjoy these cartoons.. hahahaha~