Apr 12, 2011


Final examination is coming up next week.

I'm not going back home during the study week.It's only four days.So,I better do some revision and preparation for my examination.At this stage,I really do not care about eating what,going home when or hangout with whom.All I care is I want to score my papers.I'm totally afraid if my pointer will not going to maintain.

Well,the bigger you are,so as the problems you may face.Yes,my second semester is quite tough.Sometimes,I felt just I want to take a sleep for all month,hoping it ends as soon as possible.Whatever.I called my mother last night.I said,

"Emak,jangan marah tau kalau pointer jatuh.Sem ni macam susah sikit lah.Tolong doa-doakan ya."

My mother replied.As usual,she said,

"Alahh,mak tak kisah pun pointer-pointer tu.Yang penting,belajar.Insyaallah boleh buat.Lepas tu,jangan tinggal solat."

Whenever I stressed,I love to remember what my mother said.The sayings was curable,it totally worked since last semester.It was like,a spirit booster injection! She's being supportive in her own way.Sorry to say but my mother is fucking sweet! Damn,how lucky I am!

Kononnya tengah study...

I'm going to do the best,for sure! Bring it on,let the battle begins! Hahahaha!


Tyra Vader said...

dude , two words , good and luck .

H. said...

Kalau mak nampak gambar tu mesti senyum lebar.

*Good luck :)

monsterblog said...

good luck!

Yonna Lahh!! said...

heyy my mom pun ckp mcmtu.sebijik.

and Yang penting badan sihat walafiat..

good luck then! :)
pray 4 mine tooo wayh.

Kehoe Cheong said...

Our moms are the coolest,right?

Thank you very much guys!

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Good luck dude!