Apr 9, 2011


I'm not in a well condition,damn,I'm suffering a terrible fever.I miss my mother.Please wish me get well soon because I have three tests and one final paper on this upcoming week.Enough.

I just finished watching The Arrival.You know what is that,don't you? A series of short videos which reveal on the agenda and propaganda planned by those who called themselves Satanic worshiper,Anti-Christ,Freemasonry or Illuminati.

It contains 50 episodes altogether,each one of them durated only 10 minutes.Every single episode never fails to impress me.I obtained tons of meaningful truths from it.Yes,I am about believe all of them.Everything happened got its own hidden messages.Purpose? Intention? I have no idea,go watch the video by yourself,buddy.I'm sure you won't regret it.

I was like a puppet.I was controlled.I have been told to believe this and deny that.I never knew that a pyramid is more than just a weird boxy structure.I never knew that Pharaoh's family married to themselves to ensure an actual royal family.I never knew that one eye signifies something really bad.I never knew that there are tons of pop songs were worshiping the Lucifer.I never knew what's behind the 9/11 tragedy.I never knew Princess Diana died on conspiracy.I thought UFO was really exists.Dinosaurs? Lady Gaga? Checkered floor? Star? Pentagon? Double cross? Statue of Liberty? Crows? Black dog? I never knew this,and that.So many things!

They were playing on us.They were controlling and manipulating our mind.I can feel the world is about to reach its end.Peace is just a word which people create,it doesn't exists in real life.The signs were everywhere,it's up to us whether we realize about it or not.See,the world is not all about you.You are nothing,if you don't have a guts to be something.

Allah,please wake me up.I have been sleeping for a long time.


monsterblog =) said...

Get well soon!

So, do you believe the world will end in 2012?

But who us to predict what to comes in the future. Shutting my mouth, don't complaint and try to be much more saint, like any other girls who talk behind my back?

Why I am being too emotional? Haha.

Don't let those craps influencing your mind, take the positive one, and make a positive turn. Even Wikipedia facts pun kita boleh change easily!

Kehoe Cheong said...

I didn't say that I believe the world will end in 2012.Besides,Al-Quran even said taht there's no one knows about when is an actual date of the end.

I said that I love to believe all of those Freemasonry's conspiracies towards what happened to the world.The made up 9/11,they created UFO,they killed JFK and Princess Diana,they made Palestinians went homeless,they attacked Afghanistan,Iraq,Lebanon and Libya,they invented Lady Gaga,they were the mastermind behind all of destructions and violation on Earth.

That's what I stressed on my writing.Girl,you should watch it,then tell me what you feel.It's not about letting craps influence our mind,or predicting our future but it is mainly about our destination afterlife.

Sufia Nzmn said...

I got ur point here.Btw, mind asking where did you watch the arrivals? Dvds or you download the movie? I would like to watch it#

miza said...

not sure if you take it seriously or merely trolling...