Apr 25, 2011



You are the one who asked for this,making me feel like I am a devil in front of others.But it's okay,I'm alright.I have been by your side through all these years,believing you,defending you,and this is what I got? Whatever you trying to put on,she and they are still in front of my door,not yours.I see no solution in our problems.Heck,I don't even seek for one.If you think you have an ego,please remember that I have it one too.

It's funny when I thought to myself,that we used to act like our friendship is like going to be last for an eternity.I was clearly mistaken.What a foolish side of me! Stop blaming others for leaving you because it is not their faults.Reasons are in front of your eyes,dude.How long does it going to take you to realize that? Take a look at yourself.Figure out who you really are.

Anyway,thanks for everything.The joy,the laugh,and all the great moments we shared together before.I'm not mad at you,but I'm just dissapointed you turned into everything you said you would never be.

Be a man dude,because you never act like one.


s.u.h.a said...

i really loves ur writing. the term bff does not exist.

AimanAriffin said...

Life is like a bundle of contradictions. So its normal to see people dont do what they preach or do against their principles.

If you truely are his bestfriend. Have faith in him and just put a little of patience. Nobody is perfect in this world. but that doesnt mean that its okay for him to act like a jerk.

What I'm trying to say is that just dont loose hope just yet ok. Have faith in ur friendship

Yonna Lahh!! said...

agree with suha 'the term bff does not exist'