Apr 27, 2011


I don't know what the hell is going wrong with me.I screwed my paper again today,for the third times! It's funny,the paper is used to be my favorite subject,but everything went out of their tracks.I swear.When I finished,I saw all people were like,

"Nasib baik paper tadi senang,harap-harap lah dapat A!"

It was a three hour-durated paper but some of them just took not more than one hour to make it done! While I was sitting there,alone like a dog.I feel like I'm in a hell right now.I couldn't escape from it.This is the time where I would ask the world,where the hell is time machine?

Stayed up at night until morning,memorized it all until I felt like I'm going to throw out something slushy from my fucking stomach and still unable to do it well.I have no reasons for not to be angry with myself.Reading and memorizing are easy for me back then but I seem have lost the magic.

If I used to hope for getting an A before,now it seems like I have to hope for not repeating the same paper next semester.Yes,I don't think I'm going to maintain my pointer for this semester.You know,in university,is all about pointer,right.I'm not ready to tolerate with those judgement which is going to be appear soon.Final is killing me,it owned me this time.I'm half dead.

I'm so upset right now,completely upset.


dochi said...

sit back and tawakal ;)

Kehoe Cheong said...

Dochi : Thank you! I feel so much better now!