Sep 22, 2012


Do you?

Well my favorite one is Pokemon Fire Red.It is my first game when I bought my Nintendo DS four years ago.Anyone here still play Pokemon Fire Red? Me! I am still playing it until these days! I don't know why I'm so addicted to it,I really feel like I was a Pokemon Trainer whenever I played Pokemon Fire Red! That is why I played it again,for 20th times,or more,you guess.

What is your favorite Pokemon?

When it comes to starter Pokemon,I always and will always choose Bulbasaur! I just love that weird green frog! To me,select a Leaf Pokemon as the starter is a must.They might not the strongest but they are totally 'not boring' like Fire-type and Water-type.Not forget to mention,when Bulbasaur evolves to Venusaur,the Pokemon world is getting more exciting!

How you gotta say no for a Pidgey? Pidgey is very important,since it is the only Bird Pokemon available since the beginning,you might want to use Fly.Pidgey will evolve to Pidgeotto and then,will be Pidgeot! Again,who doesn't love Pidgeot?

The next one is Gyarados.The next Pokemon that I will catch is Magikarp.Who the hell in the world think that useless Magikarp will evolve to the mighty Gyarados? However,to make a zero be a hero is a very difficult task.It worth it somehow.

Who hates Eevee? Go kill yourself now.Basically,no one catches Eevee,since it only can be obtained by. I always bought a Thunder Stone and applied it to Eevee.Then,it will evolve to Jolteon!Trust me,Jolteon is the coolest Electric Pokemon in Fire Red.

Don''t forget about Growlithe! A cute little tiger.You seriously need at least one Fire Pokemon if your starter Pokemon is not Charmander,and Growlithe got that swag elements! It will get more swagger when it evolves to Arcanine!

Dratini oh Dratini! My favorite Water Pokemon! Why? Who the hell needs Charizard if Dratini can evolve to the dazzling Dragonite?

That's all.The same cycle of Pokemon,over and over again.Never getting bored of it.Do I still play Pokemon,yes I am! Hmm,what about you?