Dec 26, 2012


Past couple of weeks,I felt that my jaw is in an absolute pain.It keeps getting worst day by day.I can feel something that is terribly annoying in the right side,lower jaw,at the back of my tooth.It's hurt like hell.I can't even chew my meals properly.

This is so unusual to me,since I really think I got a set of strong teeth structure.I'm 20 now,the last time I went to see dentist is like,15 years ago! I don't want it happened again. It's really creepy there! Sometimes,I don't think I can endure this type of pain,it's not that painful,it's annoying! I Tweeted about it,and I got some reply saying...

"Hi wisdom tooth!"

Then,I go straight to the toilet.In front of mirror,I opened my mouth,then...

Cehhh,x-ray bagai,jadah aku...It is there! Do you know what is Wisdom Tooth or Gigi Bongsu? Just click the link if you want to know more about it,I'm too lazy to tell it all. Literally,it is something related to maturity among teenagers.Once your wisdom tooth appeared,that's mean you're no longer a kid.I just read that the pain we feel from the presence of Wisdom Tooth is absolutely normal. 

Am I the last person to know this?

Dec 16, 2012


I just got back home from the book exhibition called Big Bad Wolf in Mines International Exhibition Convention Center.Everyone is talking about how many books they bought and how cheap the books are.

The last time I went to a book exhibition is three years ago in PWTC. But I'm sure it wasn't as huge as this one,which is so huge! There are 3 MILLION books and the price is fucking insane! Most of them are RM8, RM10 and RM12!

75% -95% discount on all books!

I saw the new Mitch Albom's book Have A Little Faith is RM49.90 in Kinokuniya,KLCC but I bought it for only RM10 in Big Bad Wolf.Same goes to other books,perhaps all.Can you see how much money can you save there? Therefore,to see people carrying bags and boxes stuffed with books is a normal view.

This is like the best place for people who love to read. I've never been to any book fair that is bigger than this.

This boy is boring.He's not into books,so you can tell how boring he is by looking at his face hahahaha.

At the time,I only managed to grab only four books.Well,I have my target which is Mitch Albom books. I don't pick up a book,read one or two page and but it instantly.I'm still crawling to be that hardcore!

What are you waiting for? The exhibition will end on this 23rd December.Sigh.I still have time,I'm going to grab more next time.