Jun 24, 2011


So many great things happened to me lately. Life is as sweet as sugar,too sweet until I feel like I don't deserve it. What a surprise! Because I used to be a boy who once felt a non-stop emptiness in my life before. Suddenly, it changed drastically. Do you ever feel that way?

Sometimes, I'm a little bit afraid. I'm afraid I can't control myself from being happy. I'm afraid I will just can't get enough. I'm afraid I will turn into something I said I would never be.I'm afraid I will lost everything.

But I believe, in your lifetime, you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Being way too concerned and secured could ruin everything. At certain times, you must take a step out from your comfort zone and breath in the freedom air all by yourself.

Dear God,I'm so glad you heard all of my wishes. I couldn't be any happier than this. I couldn't ask for more. Now,I can't sleep because my life is better than my dream.

Jun 21, 2011


I felt so sleepy.Then,Fareez came into my room.He brought something,it is a Ricci Strawberry Soft Licorice.His girlfriend gave it straight from Australia to him!
It is like you eat a plate of plain rice with strawberry jelly.Weird,I know it sounds like a brilliant bullshit because I myself felt a little bit awkward when Fareez asked me to tastes it.Damn,it tastes really good actually.

Rocky is still on the top,for sure.

p/s : Aku tengok Laddaland hari Sabtu lepas.Take my words people,cerita tu paling best sepanjang 2011 ni.Berterbangan popcorn aku sebab terkejut beruk.

Jun 10, 2011


I am stupid.I always said that I don't care about what was on people's mind.But I lied.I gave a fuck to all that stuff,actually.

Do you think I can stand it when people staring at me like they want to eat me? Do you think I can hold it when people whispering to each other when I passed by in front of them? Do you think it's fun kissing their asses? Lowering my ego just to please them? Wasting my time just put a little smile on their faces?

Let me ask you more.Should I apologize towards all of the things that weren't my mistakes? Should I let people stepped over my head? Should I fake a smile when someone hurt my feelings really bad? Should I consider their hearts first and mine second? Should I continue to be the one who keep doing the first move? Should I listen to what people want me to do?

Can you believe that all of my answers to the questions above are NO?

Yes,I should stop thinking about people and live my own life with my own fucking way.When you are totally nobody,please don't act like you are somebody.I've had enough time of swallowing and I feel like I'm going to throwing it all out sometimes.To everyone out there who have been throwing their shits all over me before,

kau tak payah nak main game budak-budak dengan aku,sebab aku tak banyak masa nak deal dengan manusia-manusia macam kau.

There's a limitation in everything.Your stupidity reflected itself once you crossed the line because patience is not something that will always be there inside of me.Please don't underestimate me because I am more than what you think I am.

When you're trying so hard to bring me down,I am so proud of myself.Why? Because it is obvious that I am above you.

When stupid fuck people like you hate me before they get to know me,that's the moment I realized I am the best.Why? Because people only hate the person they can't have and the person they can't be.

Jun 5, 2011


Finally, I have met someone special in my life. Through all these times, right in front of my eyes, I wish I realized it sooner but it won't change anything. Now, I really believe good things always waiting for the one who keeps waiting.

I knew Rainbow since last semester. We were in the same campus but she was from Business Study course. She's simple. She's adorable. She's an underdog. She's too pretty to look at. She's not the type of girl who wore make up like 3 inches thick. She's not wearing Kesha's outfit. She's like the girl-next-door. She's got everything that I really wanted from a girl.

I can see my future with her.We're both just really want to go to a stage called serious relationship. We're sick of playing games. We're searching for wishful thinking and absolutely not mindless dreaming. This is what I was looking for since a couple years ago,a small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.

Everything is happening in sudden but I'm not going to sit there and do nothing. Damn you Rainbow, I never thought I could love you so much.If our chapter turns into another story, I will be so upset and...