Jun 5, 2011


Finally, I have met someone special in my life. Through all these times, right in front of my eyes, I wish I realized it sooner but it won't change anything. Now, I really believe good things always waiting for the one who keeps waiting.

I knew Rainbow since last semester. We were in the same campus but she was from Business Study course. She's simple. She's adorable. She's an underdog. She's too pretty to look at. She's not the type of girl who wore make up like 3 inches thick. She's not wearing Kesha's outfit. She's like the girl-next-door. She's got everything that I really wanted from a girl.

I can see my future with her.We're both just really want to go to a stage called serious relationship. We're sick of playing games. We're searching for wishful thinking and absolutely not mindless dreaming. This is what I was looking for since a couple years ago,a small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.

Everything is happening in sudden but I'm not going to sit there and do nothing. Damn you Rainbow, I never thought I could love you so much.If our chapter turns into another story, I will be so upset and...


Anonymous said...

aww this is so sweet. may the two of you last forever and ever :D

ocha said...

Awhhh goodluck :)

Anonymous said...

:) Life is amazing full of surprise and it becomes more beautiful if we get whom we love ..
Make it happen ... goodluck wishes :)