Oct 29, 2010

Another post for tear-jerker

Three more papers to go! The next one is on this upcoming Monday.I decided to chill a little bit tonight,as usual,watching movies until morning.There's nothing much I can do here during my free time actually,instead of zzzzzzzz and moviesssss!

Apparently,I'm not a huge fan of Korean movies.In fact,I really fuck those who have major problem such as strong obsession towards whatsoever stuffs from Korea.Just look at my sister,she find it hard to fall in love with a local dude because she was so into,what they call it? Alaahhh,a bunch of boys yang nyanyi lagu Sorry Sorry tu.Damn,I call this a type of infectious disease because both of my sisters suffer similar issue.

When it comes to dramas or movies,I prefer Japanese compared to Korean because I think Japanese produced better story-line,short but compact and their language was pretty enjoyable to listen to.While Korean love to make long stories,there will be tear-fall endlessly scene on each episode and it is annoying!

I seldomly posted about how great a movie was before but I really need to post one right now! I just watched a Korean movie called A Millionaire's First Love and I think it was magnificent! It's been so many times I've watched action movies,okay yesterday I watched Wanted and also Inglorious Basterds already.Now,it's time for me to turn blue.

Oh,it's really saddening! When God loves more the one we love the most.It would be wasting of time if I tell you the story,why don't you watch it for yourself? Please,you will not regret about it!

Oct 25, 2010


I'm on my examination week! The duration is about a fortnight,and then I can get off from here.It's kind of amusing to see everyone,studying like there's no tomorrow.Frankly said,it really helps me a lot,I mean their current behavior kind of motivative.

This is the only time I need to focus more on my academic.Besides,I have set my target,and of course I have to work my fucking ass off towards my accomplishments.I remember my SPM era,that time I have my own effective ways of studying,especially memorizing something and I did well on most of my papers.Let's hope history repeat for itself!!

Furthermore,I'm not going spend hours of my precious time sitting in front of my laptop.But I already broke my promise because I watched two movies last night! How could this happened? I watched Remember Me,starred by biggest homo Robert Pattinson,which is the most regretful two hours of my life I guess! After that,I watched Dear John,alahh the film with plenty of scenes-at -the-beach but nothing is actually happened.Last night I was damn sleepy,therefore I didn't get it,at all,both movies! I'm such an awful timewaster! Tonight is going to be hot,hopefully because I want to watch The Runaways,they say there will be a kissing scene and lesbian part between Dakota Fanning and Kirsten Stewart,is that true?

Praise the Lord! I'm not the type of pathetic human who have an ability to surf Facebook and stick on it like,4-5 hours every night! Obsession,it is an infectious disease and it can express stupidity but I realized that I shouldn't say this.It's all about life,it's their life by the way even if I think they should get one right now.

I better go studying something right now! Guys,do wish me a good luck,okay?

Oct 21, 2010

Now I get it,why people love to talk about this

Last night,I was having a chat with a good friend of mine,Yvonne May.

I tagged my Facebook picture,of me wearing my green Converse.She said she's more into blue colour.We replied each other's comments,about colours and stuff.Then,I said that I really adore the combination of green and purple because both are my favourite colours.

Just now,she tagged me on one of her photos.

Ahhhh...cantiknyaaa kasut..

I'm not a huge fan of Supra,or Onitsuka.I'm not against the mainstream of trend but Supra is a really new to me.I seldom heard about it before.But,I can't admit that the shoes above is SUPER AWESOME!!

Oct 9, 2010

Reasons on why I should hate my life now!

I think there is nothing wrong when we are unable to isolate the hate feeling towards our recent life.I'm not ungrateful human being,I just went through a process of detecting my past mistakes,it is mainly to ensure that it will never happen again after this.

  1. I don't like my course.It's been nearly four months I learned all about it and I tried extremely hard to blend it with my soul but still,I can't adapt it.
  2. I don't like the fact that I have to pay RM15K after I finished my diploma.It's not worth at all you know,when you have to pay back all the debts for something you have no interests at all.
  3. I don't like it all when it comes to Kesatria Negara.
  4. I don't like feeling homesick because being here sometimes torturing inside out.
  5. I don't like it when I counted days to go back home.
  6. I don't like it when I acted like nothing happened when I returned back home.
  7. I don't like it when I smoked whenever I felt bad about myself.
  8. I don't like it when I have to be super-concern about people to ensure there is no heart feelings will occur.
  9. I hate it when people asked me 'Kenapa selalu balik?'
  10. I hate it all.
I wish I could be a person who enjoys his life as a university student.Furthermore,a lot of people told me before that university life is beautiful.I'm not demanding for more actually.

If God has fated my life this way,I hope that He will make it more easy for me to accept it.If we can't kick off all the problems,that's mean we have to learn to live with it.Well,it's spelled LIFE,we obviously can't get all the things we want.Dissapointment is always a winner!

Damn,now I know why people say blogging is therapeutic!

Oct 8, 2010

Help! I really need help!

Can anyone tell me how to attain maturity externally?

However,this is not a big problem for me because I have no serious issues when it comes to my physical appearance.I'm only 55kg and 165cm tall,I know I'm short but who the hell want to give a fuck? Even my own biological mother never said a word about it.

When I first came here,I was like,wow,there are so many tall and huge guys here! That was the moment when I realized how small and short I was.Therefore,I flashed back my past times,I also remembered something,it's humiliating actually..

If I wasn't mistaken,my ex-girlfriend stands as high as me although she was two years younger than me.When we were dated,I hoped that she didn't wear high heels!

I also don't have a guy look,because a few of my friends said to me that I still looked like a kid.My mustache also didn't grow like a Punjab man.They say that I will never get a girl because I'm still a kiddy and shorty.It's saddening!

Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kita ada.Nasib baik ada muka walaupun tak hensem,nasib baik ada kaki walaupun tak panjang.

Oct 5, 2010

Kenapa aku tak ada makwe?

People keep asking me ONE annoying question,which is...

Kenapa kau tak ada makwe?

Then,I always replied ONE annoying answer,which is...

Masanya belum sampai....

Here in my place,I can see a lot of lovebirds flying around together everywhere.
Besides,most of my friends also have found their own birds.I'm the only one who haven't found any yet.Eventhough they sometimes kind of overrated and make us all want to puke so bad primarily because they were so Edward-Bella wannabe,but I'm quite happy for them.

Birds? What an asshole metaphor elements.I don't even know why,no interesting species maybe?

If I want a bird,tak main lah setakat pipit,enggan,kenyalang ni weh....Aku prefer lagendary bird dalam Pokemon tu tau.
Macam ni lah,aku bukan jenis yang 'asalkan ada'.Aku bukan memilih,tapi aku suka apa yang aku suka.Buat apa nak paksa kalau tak suka? Kalau orang kata aku tak laku pun,aku tak kisah...

Good things always waiting for the one who keep waiting!

Oct 1, 2010

By saying someone stupid doesn't make you any clever.

A few months ago,I was a little bit happy when I stepped into university.I was thinking that I will no longer meet those people of outdated minded and low mentality.You can blame me for this,come on.I was the one who expect too much.

First of all,let me clear this.This very recent post is very general and I have no such fishy intentions to point to anyone.Those who might feel this post a little bit offensive,I am so sorry.

I have never talk about this before on my blog.It is mainly about the most annoying phases,words,sentences or lines that usually came out from a bunch of losers who are live in Johor Bahru.

Ehh,kau tau tak,kos hidup dekat JB jauh lagi mahal daripada KL.Sebab JB nak compete harga dengan Singapore.

I know.I know that everybody loves the place where they come from.It is clearly symbolizes patriotism among the youths,that's good.But,when you heard those lines above voiced out repeatedly,over and over again,that's not so good.

If the cost of living in JB is way higher compared to KL,it doesn't mean those people who live in KL enjoy low standard of living and worst quality of life.Actually,I just want you to know that the excitement towards development of a city does not rely on how much it going to cost you to live,it is more to how well you can adapt yourself into the current environmental situation.

It's just same.No big differences.Both got large population,many huge buildings,traffic jams,criminal cases,pollution and also prostitution.Stop it,man.Please stop making a gap between the two cities,both develop well and both located in our country.We are Malaysian what?

I was wondering,why did they told me about it,I really have no idea.I don't even live in KL laa machaaaaaa!! Go ditch someone else lah fucker.