Oct 21, 2010

Now I get it,why people love to talk about this

Last night,I was having a chat with a good friend of mine,Yvonne May.

I tagged my Facebook picture,of me wearing my green Converse.She said she's more into blue colour.We replied each other's comments,about colours and stuff.Then,I said that I really adore the combination of green and purple because both are my favourite colours.

Just now,she tagged me on one of her photos.

Ahhhh...cantiknyaaa kasut..

I'm not a huge fan of Supra,or Onitsuka.I'm not against the mainstream of trend but Supra is a really new to me.I seldom heard about it before.But,I can't admit that the shoes above is SUPER AWESOME!!


Anonymous said...

supra..!! i want da blue one..!!

Muhammad Khalis said...

Go get one!

Yanaa said...

ah cantik nyaa nak pinjam ;)

Bitchy Me said...

don't you think purple is for gay? no offense.