Oct 1, 2010

By saying someone stupid doesn't make you any clever.

A few months ago,I was a little bit happy when I stepped into university.I was thinking that I will no longer meet those people of outdated minded and low mentality.You can blame me for this,come on.I was the one who expect too much.

First of all,let me clear this.This very recent post is very general and I have no such fishy intentions to point to anyone.Those who might feel this post a little bit offensive,I am so sorry.

I have never talk about this before on my blog.It is mainly about the most annoying phases,words,sentences or lines that usually came out from a bunch of losers who are live in Johor Bahru.

Ehh,kau tau tak,kos hidup dekat JB jauh lagi mahal daripada KL.Sebab JB nak compete harga dengan Singapore.

I know.I know that everybody loves the place where they come from.It is clearly symbolizes patriotism among the youths,that's good.But,when you heard those lines above voiced out repeatedly,over and over again,that's not so good.

If the cost of living in JB is way higher compared to KL,it doesn't mean those people who live in KL enjoy low standard of living and worst quality of life.Actually,I just want you to know that the excitement towards development of a city does not rely on how much it going to cost you to live,it is more to how well you can adapt yourself into the current environmental situation.

It's just same.No big differences.Both got large population,many huge buildings,traffic jams,criminal cases,pollution and also prostitution.Stop it,man.Please stop making a gap between the two cities,both develop well and both located in our country.We are Malaysian what?

I was wondering,why did they told me about it,I really have no idea.I don't even live in KL laa machaaaaaa!! Go ditch someone else lah fucker.


Muhammad Taufiq Ab Gani said...

hishhh ! mane ade sehh kos JB lg tinggi. ==' sape seh cakap JB nak compete harga ngan singapore. tak de makne nyer siakk. this is bulls

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more with you :)

Muhammad Khalis said...

Muhammad Taufiq.Hahaha.This year I really like to used a lot of new words such as seh and siak.Besides,Muar accent is also fun,blajo,sabo,lapo,penampo,Muor,hahahaha.Cool.

Ninaa Joy said...

Hahaa. My family in my father's side, who are also johorian, also use words like lapo,penampo, and so on that ends with O O. Hahaa.

Muhammad Taufiq Ab Gani said...

huhaaa :D kau orang mana ? orang johor dah biasa dah cakap gituh. tp kene sesuailah dengan keadaan. orang muar ccakap gituh eh ? whahha :D

Muhammad Khalis said...

Aku anak jati Selangor,orang Kajang.

DiE mR surGeNt 5diey said...

aku setuju ngn taufiq, aku duduk kl dulu, ok sikit, then bile pindah johor, taraf hidup naek giler.,

DiE mR surGeNt 5diey said...

one more thing, x yah maki sgt kn lh khalis?

Muhammad Khalis said...

Firstly,do you really understand with Taufiq statement? He disagreed that JB costs you more compared to KL.

He even said this kind of crap is bullshit.

Read properly.