Sep 27, 2010

The Tormented Momment of Motivation Session!

Last night was very dramatic.The night where you can actually witness an annoying situation,mainly about dissatisfaction towards this and that.This commonly happened here and I am used to it.

We have been asked by our seniors to bring along a piece of A4 paper and a pen.The first thing is to divide a paper into two columns.Then,write your name on the top of the paper.On the left side,put a header entitled PERANGAI BAIK SAYA while on the right side of course it would be PERANGAI BURUK SAYA.

You want to know what they wrote about me? HAHA! I'm so shy! Okay,let's start with good things first,shall we? Damn.

  1. Sentiasa bertanya khabar.
  2. Sentiasa senyum kepada orang sekeliling.
  3. Suka tolong orang.
  4. Memahami perasaan orang.
  5. Peramah.
  6. Bertanggungjawab.
  7. Sporting.
  8. Menghormati orang lain.
  9. Gay.
  10. Handsome
I was pretty shocked when I read it.I didn't expect that I will receive such positive feedback.I thought no one is going to write something nice about me.Except for number 9 while number 10 is my favorite,eventhough it is not true at all.Let's move on to the next section.

  1. Ketagihan rokok.
  2. Suka meminta rokok.
  3. Suka memaksa.
  4. Hipokrit.
  5. "Pinjam lighter!" agak annoying.
  6. Burung hantu.
  7. Selamba je buat aksi lucah.
  8. Nak rokok je datang bilik aku.
  9. Kejap-kejap minta lighter.
  10. Pergi jamban suka kaki ayam.
Ouch! I didn't expect this also.I know some of them were joking about I'm borrowing their lighters.I seldomly asked them to give me a cigar because I can afford myself unless the tokan is run out of stock,the situation which is rarely happen,I swear! HAHA!

It's really cool to know what's people perception towards yourself.I'm glad because I have never been involved in serious cases before.They also still can accept my irritating behavior,fair what? I also have to accept theirs! HAHA!

Sometimes,you can say that,I'm going to do this,no one can stop me because I don't fucking care what people say..blah..blah..blah...In the end,you will feel sorry for yourself.That is the most painful part.Regret.

Inilah hidup.Baik macam mana pun,bukan semua suka,Jahat macam mana pun,bukan semua benci.Yang paling penting ialah cara kita bawa diri.


Fikri Fadzil said...

LOL, funny. xD

Kartika Azmi said...


Ahmad Muslim said...

bes snior ko wt cm2..btolkah no 9 2..kne jage2 ney..haha

Muhammad Khalis said...

Alah,gurau je la kot.