Sep 2, 2010

Hayley Williams,I guess we were not meant to be for each other..

I want to watch Gerard Way! Failed.

I want to watch Bill Kaulitz! Failed also.

I want to watch Katy Perry!!!!! Failed again?

A friend of mine told me that Paramore will come to Malaysia.I knew it! Surprisingly,what I knew just now was a little bit frustrating! - The concert will be held on this 19th October,it is weekday,I have to go to my classes! I could just curse like there is no tomorrow seriously!

To tell the truth,I'm not a huge fan of Paramore,so as Hayley Williams at the beginning,I mean in the Riot era.That's why I don't get it why people love Hayley so much.I mean,she's not as beautiful as ancient Greek goddess,she didn't write songs,her voice is a little bit typical and her hair is ugly.
Paramore,I just adore their music when Brand New Eyes came out! Reminds me of old Simple Plan's songs,it rip your chest,straight to your heart.They really can produce a real music,a simply great song.I personally in love with a lot of their songs especially Brick By Boring Brick!

Haiyaaaaa,tickets aren't so expensive afterall,it's only RM95! I hope I can see them,live!

p/s : Lately,I just can't stop singing Airplanes!


ALI ROCKET said...

Its RM98. But seating area :(
I want the rock standing which cost RM358. Mann, im dead.

Nej Jalidar said...

Oh well, my lucky of a boyfie is going. I'm not. Mehh -.-
Anyaway, good luck on going.

Raqib said...

Raya is near and you might gonna get loads of duit raya.So why not? Spend the ticket with the duit raya.=)